Residents weigh option to stay and face Gustav's fury What would you do?

Posted: 8/31/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

If I left, I'll probably lose my job," said Jeremiah O'Farrell, another dishwasher who is staying put. "I really don't have anywhere to go if I could leave. I could go home, but that doesn't seem like the thing to try. Too far, I guess.

I just can't believe this? People our jobs can be replaced and our lives can not, it is best to to try and get out of harms way and I am sure that many have no money and some may not even have possessions but our priority one should be for our own lives first and God help us I know that mayor Nagin and those involved are surely not charging anything for this or at least the information I have at this time is not of this fact, if everyone has to pay that opens another can of worms, I would like to know more about this if I could.

The thing is, he continued, "most people don't have cars to leave, don't have money for gas. Pay for a hotel for that long? I mean, you have to do whatever you have to do, and I guess I'm gonna stay and work.
From what I've heard on the news busses are there to remove people and why think about a hotel? I thought these people were being taken to a shelter? I can relate to the statement above if I were there without any money but would I stay? Probably not if I could get out any way I would do that, I value my life rather highly since it is the only one I have.

But we can all relate to this on the money issue, and it would be scary to have to leave and not be able to go anywhere, see in this stagnant economy average people are living from paycheck to paycheck and that is just the way it is in America right now and when we come into a natural disaster where we are against a rock and a hard place, I could get fairly or a whole lot political from here but I won't go there to lose my train of thought on these people faced with a situation here on their lives or living on the street and starvation, I am saying I would leave any way I could, but see I'm not really in the situation so it is speculation on my part I am only saying what I would do.

The storm keeps cranking up and looks to make landfall west of New Orleans, it is scary to say the least to be one of those in the wake of this mighty storm called Gustav, hoping the experts are wrong and the levees hold and praying that all residents reach safety.
Strapped for cash, some in New Orleans stay and hope -
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  1. Gran says:

    I think they are getting as many people out as possible, but the hotels are being closed. I would try to get out, somehow, as fast as possible. Nobody will be going to work anyway, especially if it's as bad as predicted. Good gosh, what a tough spot to be in.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting, I was just thinking that if one does not have money one could be in a life or death situation and be almost powerless to react.

  1. I would be getting my tush out of there & as fast as possible.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Rose, you said it. You know if I didn't have a dime and had to walk I would go, and I hope and pray that all of them find their way out of there safely and those who can't afford a hotel room then this is where our charities should be stepping up and saying you don't have to choose or to make a choice like this because we will find you somewhere to stay till this thing blows over.

    This is what makes me sad and angry in a way, CNN should be all over this, (I don't expect Fox to) they should be making the points that some people maybe just don't have enough money to be able to leave there?

    I am not just talking liberal politics here, this is what America should be concerned about that maybe, there are some people in this country that might be poor or pray tell in poverty, it would make things twice as difficult to leave than the average American who is able to do so.

    Thanks for stopping over and reading, always good to hear from you.