Ohio sues e-voting company, can't ditch faulty machines

Posted: 8/13/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

It seems the infamous voting machines have slithered their way back into the news these days,Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brenner is suing the firm, seeking unspecified damages for breach of contract and fraud. The suit blames faulty software for losing votes in 11 of the 44 counties that use Premier machines. Also from ARS Technia reporting that this years primary so more flaws in the system,from the machines,an exhaustive study in 2006 of that year's primaries found a host of serious problems related to the voting machines, ranging from inadequate poll-worker training to equipment malfunction.

Here is an article I wrote back in 2006 concerning these faulty machines this is nothing new,Within Reason is your vote really safe? Heck a lot of this software comes from Hugo Chavez's country. Another one I posted concerned the touch screen voting machines in Pennsylvania, Within Reason Lawsuit survives, I mean when is the government going to wake up and do something about all these machines that obviously do not work correctly? I would say when Americans get fed up enough with all the glitches associated with this software,we have the best country on earth but when it comes to securing our vote,we let the big guys at Diebold pull all the levers.

If it were something happening once in a blue moon it would be a little different but this is happening on a continuing basis and looking at the data the trend does not seem to be improving,are you listening CBS,CNN and Fox to name a few,this is the news that concern us. With all the glitches associated with these machines it might be smart to look at alternatives and can't we manufacture the software here? Or do we have to buy it from Hugo just because it is a little cheaper.

Ohio sues e-voting company, can't ditch faulty machines

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  1. Gran says:

    Here we go again, Floyd!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Gran,,miss B. thanks for coming over,yep it's the same ole same ole going on here,hopefully they will get a handle on it but mostly this is got to do with money and big business and the government just don't seem to care or want to act on our behalf.

    Having a secure vote should be on top of all our agendas no matter what the party affiliation is,this software comes a lot from Valenzuela we should make our own for our machines,we trust 3rd world countries to get it right.