IE annoying clicking sound fix it

Posted: 8/12/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Ie has an annoying clicking sound when clicking on links to open pages and things like this that firefox don't have,mind you that is not the only reason I use firefox there are many reasons to use firefox the add-ons alone are worth using it and it is very fast also,but back to the ever annoying clicking sound of IE,,

I have downloaded the Avant Browser which runs off the engine of IE but is a whole lot faster,I am sure there is an add-on for spelling but I don't have it yet so bear with me.

This web page will help you fix this annoying sound,if you have windows XP,click on start and then control panel,click on sounds and audio devices,in the pop-up window click on sounds and in the drop down menu choose no sounds and save it that's it no more annoying clicking sound from IE or Avant.

Some might like the sound but I for one can live without it,I know when I click on a link I don't have to hear the sound to know I've done so.

Annoying clicking of IE,fix it

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  1. Gran says:

    The clicking sound gets to be also, but I mainly use Firefox instead of IE. But I will remember this! Thanks.

  1. Floyd says:

    I mainly use the fox also,it is much better I think but if I use IE or Avant I don't have to listen to the annoying clicking sound.