Gustav Now Major Hurricane -- And Picking Up Steam

Posted: 8/30/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Declared a Category 4 storm Saturday afternoon, Hurricane Gustav continues to strengthen and will soon reach Category 5 status—the highest—according to U.S. officials.

Gustav is poised to deliver a punishing blow to western Cuba late Saturday before entering the Gulf of Mexico and passing over a deep, warm current infamous for supercharging storms before targeting the U.S. Gulf Coast (Gulf Coast map).

It is still unclear how Gustav is going to hit land exactly, but the devastation left when Katrina hit was utter devastation and chaos. The mayor of New Orleans has issued an evacuation and from what I've been reading there seems to be more buses this time to get people out.
This hurricane has the possibility to reach a cat 5 storm status and New Orleans has started taking precautions, but an article back in 2006 leaves us to believe the levees could be of sub standard construction, we can only hope that they will hold, but as the hurricane bears down we can also pray for all those on the coast to remain safe and un-harmed.
Gustav Now Major Hurricane -- And Picking Up Steam


  1. Gran says:

    This looks like a bad one, Floyd.

  1. Floyd says:

    It sure does B. and now they are saying it could be worse than Katrina, lets hope and pray for all those involved in this and hope that no loss of life occurs.