Ex-chairs: FCC must stop "Victorian" indecency crusade

Posted: 8/10/2008 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Two former Federal Communications Commission Chairs have asked the Supreme Court to shut down what they call the FCC's "Victorian crusade" against broadcasters. "To effectuate its new clean-up-the-airwaves policy, the Commission has radically expanded the definition of indecency beyond its original conception," warn Newton Minow and Mark Fowler in an amici curiae brief to the high court. The agency has "magnified the penalties for even minor, ephemeral images or objectionable language; and targeted respected television programs, movies, and even non-commercial documentaries."

J.F.K appointed Minow to the FCC in 1960,Minow famously called television a "vast wasteland" and warned that license renewals would no longer be granted automatically to TV stations that filled up their schedules with reruns and commercials.

Folks the bottom line in all this is simply this,we don't let our children watch R rated movies or movies with cursing in them,sex in them or whatever. We have watched violence on T.V forever,Roy Rogers,Gene Autry,Have Gun Will Travel and Gunsmoke to name a few. Now I will admit that a lot of stuff on today is real bad and us as parents should be able to discern what our children will watch, I grew up playing with cap guns and mock wars with Indians,but I have never murdered anyone,anymore we have to many radicals out there making laws for freedom loving people.

Ex-chairs: FCC must stop "Victorian" indecency crusade