Like no other time in history, the rich in the US are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. Americans love bootstraps stories of how every American can be rich if he or she just tries hard enough. But the truth is that Americans are trying harder than ever. They are working longer hours, and are more productive than ever before, but are still getting poorer. Somehow the “American Dream” isn’t telling the whole story.

This is very interesting and very telling about how much Americans are or how we exactly feel on the economy and how it works for us and this my friends simply put is are we better off now than we were? If the answer happens to be yes I am better off than I was and am enjoying most prosperity under the Republican based theory of trickle down economics and have we heard this term before? Of course we have it didn't work then and it won't work in the future my friends.

The small stimulus check issued to us grunts in the trenches was of course consumed by the one eyed monster called inflation and the lets make the oil companies more richer scheme know as the sale of gasoline. Economists believe the $168 billion stimulus program will continue to lift the economy in the current quarter.,this is a from the article over at CNBC  and I find that interesting to say the least and would hope that it holds true for us in the long run,however,I can't help but think that my stimulus check was spent as soon as I got it and most of that went to paying on bills and of course lining the pockets of big oil also.

Can the U.S. Economy Be Fixed? Experts Say “Trickle Down” Theory has Only Made Poor Poorer & Rich Richer


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