The Associated Press: US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 496

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As of Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008, at least 496 members of the U.S. military had died in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as a result of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, according to the Defense Department. The department last updated its figures Saturday at 10 a.m. EDT.
Suffering the most through this seems to be the children and in all conflicts this holds true,in Afghanistan you girls and even toddlers are being abused and raped from an article at CNN we can view at least in print and try to comprehend the anguish one family is going through,but this is only one family out of many but it gives us a window to look through on some of the horrible conditions associated with this country.
Afghanistan is still the largest opium producer in the world and has held that title for a long time,what also has to be noted is that a survey in 2005 showed that there are 920,000 drug users in a country of 26,000,000 people. The bulk of Afghanistan's poppy production comes from the south, an area where Taliban insurgents wield considerable influence and over which Kabul has only partial control. Security sources say the Taliban takes a 10 percent share of poppy yields.
The Associated Press: US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 496
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