This template is based on Midnight, original design of Freecsstemplates adapted to a blogger  and is licensed under a Creative Commons.  It can be used at no charge, with the only requirement that the credits are respected on both pages.

If you click on the link below and don't speak English then it will have to be translated, I use FoxLingo for my translating and just click auto trans on the toolbar.
This is a two column template so I am still tweaking this thing, you can't have to much clutter in the sidebar on the two column sidebar, it probably could support a three column but have not tried it out yet, if you like it dark give this one a try.

Almost forgot the favicon I'm using is at this link; It's a candle, fits perfect with this or choose another one, the possibilities are endless with this template,,enjoy.
Plantilla para blogger Midnight | Aborregate