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Posted: 7/26/2008 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Here is something new I will see how this works, I am posting from Windows Live Writer, and it is something new for me anyway but some of you out there might have this. It is brand new to me and I am going to see how it posts to my reason blog on blogger, hopefully I can set up more than one blog using this? If anyone else is using it leave me some feed-back either pros or cons of this software, I have set up two accounts using the Live Mail which I downloaded with this also, I did not do the toolbar download and I have not checked yet to see how much space this actually takes up, space is not a problem with me, I am running an old a705 Pavilion with XP but, it's been modified a little.

I will leave some links below for you to check this out and when you go to the page you can pick and choose which programs of this would benefit you, that does work because the programs I did not check did not get installed. I have in the past went to download something and a whole lot of other junk would follow, also what happened to me it did not put a link on my desk and clicking on blog which was on windows mail did not help, what I did was a search and located it and put a short-cut on my desk top, looking at the side-bar it has hyperlink,picture,table,tags,video and add-plug-in,,plus view your blog,drafts and recently posted. When writing I will use my blog for an example, looks as though I am writing on the blog itself,"old Parchment" another good plus for me anyway is auto spell check that is a must for me,,lol,,check it out at the link below.

Windows Live


  1. Gran says:

    Wow! I've used Live Writer for SPACES, but not for my Blogger account. I will give it a try.

  1. Floyd says:

    As you see it does a good job, add other accounts to it to. So far I am impressed with this little blogging tool, thanks for coming by and reading.

  1. Zawan says:

    can anyone help me?
    windows live writer doesn't post to my blogspot blog. it says error bla bla bla
    does anybody know the solution?

  1. Floyd says:

    Zawan,,can you open live writer? If you can open it up across the top you will see a button called "Weblog"if you click on that it gives you a drop down menu and it says this;

    Veiw weblog
    manage weblog
    edit weblog settings
    below that lists your blogs
    then it says add weblog account

    That in itself is the key so when you click on it it asks for windows live spaces
    next it asks for share point if you have that and last it says "another weblog service"

    you want to choose this one make sure the little dot appears there and click next. Then simply follow the prompts it asks for the address of your blog, your user name and the password.
    Now when you get everything set up and blog on it, it will open on your last blog you posted to.

    For example I posted to Blogging America last so by default it opens that up, now if I want to change that I simply click on weblog and choose one of my other blogs from the drop down menu.

    It also works with Firefox 3.0 the plugin has not been updated but a little code changing from 2.0+ to 3.0+ did the trick I can't explain all of this one here maybe if I get time I will make a post on it.