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Posted: 7/28/2008 by Floyd in Labels: ,

I am using Firefox version 3.0 while using live writer I wanted to be able to use it in Firefox the plug in has not been updated lately, but this won't stop you. first off go to this link and download the plug in close the browser and open it up and install it.

After installing click on My Computer and click C:\  and click Program Files look for Windows Live and open that folder, after opening look for Writer and open this file. After opening the Writer file you will see lot's of stuff in there but if you down-loaded the plug in and installed it already you will see a folder labeled Blog This,,open that folder. This will take you to a folder labeled Mozilla Firefox, open this folder.

After opening the Mozilla Firefox folder you should see a file labeled; Install RDF File 1kb.  If you see that file "right click" on it and open with Notepad,,after opening this in Notepad you will see the code of the plug in,,count=5th row from the bottom you should see it talking about em:maxversion should be a 2.0+ all you have to do is change the 2 to a 3 so it will read  3.0+ and now you want to close and it will ask do you want to save changes? click "yes".


Some have said that when Firefox opened the Blog This icon did not appear, with mine it appeared right next to my toolbar search on the end, I have tried this and it worked for me I use Firefox quite a lot, I clicked on it and it worked just like I was using IE, after doing this procedure you should be able to use Live Writer with Firefox.


  1. Gran says:

    He--I did it! Thanks, Floyd. I love the 'blog this' feature for Live Writer.

  1. Floyd says:

    Alright,works great I am using Firefox right now and am glad it works I can update easier now. I decided to make this post in step by step instructions a lot have had trouble with this one, so it worked by doing this and figured I would pass it on.

    I changed my blog theme, looks like windows,,lol. I am glad it works for you I like using firefox and now I like the Live Writer better than Scribefire,thanks for dropping by my friend.