Offshore drilling and the summer McCain flip-flops

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ImageIn what has become an annual rite of the past few summer’s President Bush blamed the Democratic Congress for the energy crisis for not allowing offshore oil drilling. "The President's proposal sounds like another page from the Administration's Energy Policy that was literally written by the oil industry: give away more public resources to the very same oil companies that are sitting on 68 million acres of federal lands they've already leased,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said.

She also pointed out that the House has passed legislation to help increase supply,
“In just the last year, Congress has promoted energy independence by raising efficiency standards for vehicles for the first time in 32 years, investing in American-grown biofuels, and forcing President Bush to increase gas supplies by suspending government purchases for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. We have provided enforcement tools to go after those who are speculating on oil and manipulating the price and we will continue to push for solutions that end our dependence on foreign oil."

McCain now is also proposing to lift the ban on offshore drilling,asked how far offshore states should be given control of drilling rights, he said that was a matter for negotiation, however in his run for president in 1999, he of course was against it, stating; McCain supported the drilling moratorium, and he scolded the “special interests in Washington” that sought offshore drilling leases.

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  1. eredux says:

    Check out this Interactive US Energy Footprint Chart, an interactive United States Energy Consumption Footprint chart, illustrating Greenest States and more. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State energy consumptions, demographics and State energy offices - drill down to your local city.

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    Thank you for all that info. eredux, I am always looking for useful information. And do not be a stranger drop by anytime, I did not know this existed thanks again.