Dan Rather Speaks Out

Posted: 6/09/2008 by Floyd in

I am grateful to be here and I am, most of all, gratified by the
energy I have seen tonight and at this conference. It will take this
kind of energy - and more - to sustain what is good in our news
media... to improve what is deficient... and to push back against the
forces and the trends that imperil journalism and that - by immediate
extension - imperil democracy itself, Rather said.

Rather went on to talk about how the media whether consciously or unconsciously in the run up to Iraq and in a climate of fear after 9/11, tend to accept the negative given them by the White House. Rather gave a well blistering attack on corporate news at the National Conference for Media Reform Saturday night hosted by the Free Press.

Some good reading here; Truthout


  1. Gran says:

    Interesting! thanks, Floyd. Gran aka Beth.

  1. Floyd says:

    He gave them a little spanking in those comments,,thanks for dropping in.