Barack Wins it "change we can believe in"

Posted: 6/04/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Barack Obama has secured the Democratic nomination to run for President of the United States, he was much gracious to Hillary Clinton who run a very competitive campaign and he did speak well of McCain also who I see as just a continuance of the Bush years and a vote for McCain would simply maintain the status quo in Washington and I think the last years we don't need to maintain the quo of this.

Having lived through this last administration by the grace of God I for one am glad that the primary is behind us and we can begin to see the way that the two candidates being John McCain and Barack Obama shape up, we can begin to see the major differences in which each would lead this country.

Once America can define the major differences between these two candidates, the news is already trying to pick the veep for Obama, that being Hillary, but whether it be Hillary or whoever. One name that comes to mind is Jim Webb of Virginia and I know there are many names in the pot right now and only time will tell which one Obama will eventually pick, the main thing is America is seeking change that is the drive really the Obama campaign.

What i am hearing now is that McCain should be trying to sway some of the women over to his camp and I say good luck to him on that, but women now have their own voice and for the most part 'Conservative' is not in their vocabulary. To give one more case and point, some of the media are reporting Hillary did not congratulate Obama on his victory but I can tell you for a fact she did congratulate him.

Now that we can get down to the real issues that concern us the better we can distinctly see which candidate is going to lead us in the right direction and really we have a decision to make either we go backwards or forward and I for one hope we can go forward,,congratulations Barack,,yes we can.

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