Time to move on

Posted: 5/21/2008 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

Well,,let me think,,oh that's no good,LOL. Everyone knows by now that Hillary did win big in this state and I wish her well but maybe she is trying to make a point or something? I mean Obama has more or less wrapped this thing up as far as I can see and even if Florida and Michigan come into play it is pretty much over and seriously I don't think they will change the rules in mid-stream the way she expects them to do.

I don't think America will be able to stand four more years of the continuing isolating kind of government we are under now and reading this blog you guys know that I believe Iraq is putting us in the poor-house, this has turned out to be a field day for the media spinners and guess Sayers, yep I call them that because it is quite funny how to see them all engulfed in how we all think.

McConnell Bush's Architect might have a fight on his hands this time around, Bruce Lunsford clinched the reigns for a run on McConnell in the fall and I will be there throwing my support as much as I can simply due to the fact of McConnell's record alone and I believe it speaks for itself,the medical companies in his back pocket and his constant wailing of being a supporter of veteran's in this country but every bill that would benefit us he votes against it.

as I surf around tonight I saw a real good pic over on Americablog,it was a dig at Hillary go over and check it out. Whatever the motive might be for her staying in this thing I still wish her well but what we need to be doing is thinking about the fall and how we can't afford four more years of what we got now.

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