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It has been awhile since I posted a good firefox add-on on this blog but I just ran into one for us bloggers it is called DashBlog and simply put you can grab videos or images and text off web pages and post them directly to blogger,wordpress,twitter and tumbir. No more trying to save and copy code etc,etc..It now makes posting to your blog quick and easy, now I have not give this one to big of a test run yet but what I have did with it makes a good impression, I am running firefox 3.0 but I believe this add-on works from 1.5 and up.

If you like to blog like I do wait, let me rephrase that, when I get a chance to, that sounds better I have ignored blogging for a while but I am so glad a lot of my readers stayed with me during the cold spell, having said that, if you want to make life a little easier on your blogging endeavors give this little add-on a try and click the direct link below;

DashBlog for Firefox

Katrina Kids

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Long after Katrina roared ashore in New Orleans and devastated much of the Gulf coast we are still reading of it's aftermath, this time it concerns the trailers from FEMA, you remember the ones that set for months in Oklahoma? Well the formaldehyde turned out to be five times the acceptable level. It seems tens of thousands of children as well as adults were subject to the fumes, a study seems to show that there will be severe health affects all their lives.
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Close Call

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Unbelievable? ,,Believe it.

Iraqi Guy Walks Off Ied Explosion - Watch more free videos

Great Video

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Time to move on

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Well,,let me think,,oh that's no good,LOL. Everyone knows by now that Hillary did win big in this state and I wish her well but maybe she is trying to make a point or something? I mean Obama has more or less wrapped this thing up as far as I can see and even if Florida and Michigan come into play it is pretty much over and seriously I don't think they will change the rules in mid-stream the way she expects them to do.

I don't think America will be able to stand four more years of the continuing isolating kind of government we are under now and reading this blog you guys know that I believe Iraq is putting us in the poor-house, this has turned out to be a field day for the media spinners and guess Sayers, yep I call them that because it is quite funny how to see them all engulfed in how we all think.

McConnell Bush's Architect might have a fight on his hands this time around, Bruce Lunsford clinched the reigns for a run on McConnell in the fall and I will be there throwing my support as much as I can simply due to the fact of McConnell's record alone and I believe it speaks for itself,the medical companies in his back pocket and his constant wailing of being a supporter of veteran's in this country but every bill that would benefit us he votes against it.

as I surf around tonight I saw a real good pic over on Americablog,it was a dig at Hillary go over and check it out. Whatever the motive might be for her staying in this thing I still wish her well but what we need to be doing is thinking about the fall and how we can't afford four more years of what we got now.

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Neat template

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I have let this blog go for awhile but just got back into blogging again I just don't have any time hardly to do it anymore, found this neat template and decided to give it a go.

I used to have a dedicated reader base and am really glad that I was able to have you out there in Internet land read a little of what I am writing about, politics tend to get us down if we rant about it all the time. There has been so much bickering going on lately it is hard to watch any news and what really is concerning most of us is the high rise in gas prices especially when you live in an area where public transportation is not an option, in some of the bigger cities that kind of mode of getting around could really benefit someone but in rural areas it definitely is not an option for us.

It is not only our gas getting back and forward from work, but, it is also the prices we see in our supermarkets and the high rise in the price of milk, eggs and other food items we need day to day and since I posted I have seen things go from bad to worse and by saying this we need to say to our politicians; "We need someone to fix this mess, is anyone able?"

Now, getting back to the template,,I think this template is a nice color and have noticed that lately there are a lot more nice templates you can find on blogger, go over and try out one.
P.S; I have a few tweaks on this template

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In the news

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In a statement, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said: “Not surprisingly, the engineer of the worst foreign policy in our nation’s history has fired yet another reckless and reprehensible round.”