Dems get weak in the knees

Posted: 12/06/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

You can not say it better than this, sometimes you have to stick to your guns and stand up to bullies and I don't think these guys have the stomach for it. The motto should be if you are not going to follow through with something why even get the ball rolling? I see Afghanistan is mentioned also in this article just last week Afghanistan leaders said they needed more money and military to combat the rise in Al Queda activity there. There will be no end to this war funding and letting domestic issues slide just as they have been doing for the last five years or so unless some accountability and guide-lines are put in place.

No issue divides the party more deeply, and lawmakers say it poses one of the toughest decisions that top House and Senate Democrats will make since they took control of Congress this year. At least four ideas are being floated, but none has achieved a consensus as the holiday break nears.

Personally I see this as nothing but political, first and foremost Bush and his cronies want a blank check without showing any kind of improvement in the government over there, while the homeland is screaming for relief. the reason we have or should have balance in this country is to off-set this that is happening right now, the Iraq report pointed out some tactics to take that never took place, in its simplest form the domestic issues of this country is taking a back seat to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that is as plain as the nose on our face. The Congress is trying to get some kind of accountability for this mess and since they started to do that then they should see this thing through.
The Associated Press: Democrats Seek Iraq Funding Solution


  1. Jim says:

    I read that we are losing proportionately more soldiers in Afghanistan than we now lose in Iraq. We need a surge in Afghanistan. It's long past time the Iraqis took over.

  1. I agree with jim, but the UN has taken over that operation.

  1. Larry says:

    Bush will continue to ignore Afganistan because he will be expected to find Bin Laden, and Bush doesn't want that or his excuse for war will be further drained.

  1. Floyd says:

    We lost the battle years ago in Afghanistan when we failed to get Bin Laden when we had the chance, and instead of acting we signed it on to a bunch of mercenaries.

    Personally I don't believe the Iraqis will ever be able to take over, because, over there it is not a national agenda but they are trying to govern along sectarian lines and are not looking at it on a national level.

    What we are seeing is the declining state of America because simply the money is not there for domestic issues that concern the average American.

    Look, Congress is not up for re-election now anyway, why not make a stand and just say this is what you have, take it or leave it because we are not caving to this of depriving the needs of American citizens.

    Here you have CNN and Fox playing the political game and what I would like to say to Congress is sometimes you have to turn off T.V and start to govern for the people who elected you, it is past time to cut off Bush's blank check,,Nancy should not put this to a vote until next year and after the break still not put it to a vote until some kind of compromise can be reached.

    For years no one has been held accountable for all this money and lives being spent over there and Iraq is still in chaos, for example you don't see Fox or CNN over there doing any news, the only one I see doing any kind of news over there is Al Jeezera and to see the English version of it you have to have an FTA satellite system.

    Just today I saw that some of the refugees were trying to return there from Syria and Iraq now fears another up-turn in violence because some are trying to come back.