Bush Vetoes Water Bill, Citing Cost of $23 Billion - New York Times

Posted: 11/03/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Another veto and this one was concerning water resource projects to which most of the ravaged Gulf Coast would benefit. It does seem like a large cost $23 billion and it is a domestic project and does not have anything to do with the war funding machine, so it is likely to be on the chopping block. Any thing domestic has not mattered before it should not come as any surprise to Americans that it would matter now, just business as usual.
Bush Vetoes Water Bill, Citing Cost of $23 Billion - New York Times


  1. Larry says:

    Obviously Bush will not allow anything that might help someone.

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  1. This guy is just unbelievable, since he has been in office, he has done nothing for our Dams and flood control in this country.

    It's about time he minus some of those billions for his war and take care of the infrastructure of America.

    Sorry about the other comment.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Let's Talk & Larry, glad to see you around. You know it seems when it comes to domestic issues whether it be child health care or fixing the Gulf which should have already been done, it is just as though Washington is UN-plugged from reality.

    I mean if Washington is not painting a clear picture of the facts and what is going on, then we will never know, I am talking about following the politics going on there, I don't see how most of the G.O.P can stand up with any straight face and look at the American people, if you think about it,,it really boggles the mind.