Another slap in the face of middle-America

Posted: 11/14/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Intensifying his battle with Congress over federal spending, President Bush on Tuesday vetoed an appropriations bill for the first time, rejecting $150.7 billion in spending for school aid, health care and other domestic programs.But as he complained about the cost of that bill, which would have increased spending on these programs by 4.3% over last year, Bush signed a $471-billion defense appropriations bill that pushed up military spending by more than 9.5%.

There are some Republicans on board but not enough to over-ride this veto, this is your government at work folks, this is the people we send to Washington looking out for our schools and children, Kudos to Nancy and the others standing up for education and the head-start program and thinking about our domestic needs. Kudos to the Republicans who also believe that our domestic agenda needs put in perspective and see middle-America as in dire repair.

You know as I read news article's such as this I think CNN and the other news agencies just don't get it do they? Congress low approval ratings when put in perspective are just a few bad apples in the barrel a few hindering progress, when you chase this all down there are some who just are hindering the process and I believe that is how America is reading this. Americans with the net are much more informed than others who depend on the news agencies for their info.
Bush vetoes domestic spending bill - Los Angeles Times


  1. Larry says:

    More proof of Bush's comtempt for those less fortunate than the Fortune 500 elite.

  1. Mauigirl says:

    It is truly shameful. The 4.3% increase over last year is just barely keeping up with inflation, and he says it's too expensive, while he throws good money after bad (or is it vice versa?) for military spending.

  1. Beth says:

    I heard that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will top out at 2 trillion dollars. Geesh. Obvious where his priorities are.

  1. kip says:

    And you know, whether it's Hillary or Barack, we're going to have to raise taxes to pay down the ginormous debt Bush has given us - and the GOP will use that against us!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey guys thanks for sounding off, glad you all are reading, Kudos to Larry,mauigirl,beth, and kip, very glad you all are reading and keeping up on this political game.

    Alas someone will have to pay for the mess, we are going to go constantly downhill if we don't and I hate taxes as much as anyone, but the reality is we are in over our heads.

    We have to keep educating our young people or we have lost the battle, like mauigirl said it is barely keeping up with inflation. Let me also add that Iraq happens to be setting on the second largest oil reserves in the world, yes they are second right behind Saudi Arabia. Well it is not doing the Iraqis one ounce of good and it is obvious it isn't doing us any good either. Baghdad is not a City anymore it is one big prison with twenty foot walls sectioned off to keep fighting down, they don't live in a City it is a prison.

    You're right Beth on the 2 trillion, the Iraq Study Group also surmised that within 10 years the figure for taking care of our wounded compounded with the wars and aftercare could climb as high as 10 trillion, the news don't like to throw this figure around much.

    Having said this sooner or later, probably sooner we will have to pay for this mess,,and,,we all know who will pay don't we, we have borrowed billions and billions from China and the dollar is taking a dive, this scares me immensely.

    Larry and Kip,,yep shows where the loyalties lie at the feet of big business,,and whether it be Barack,Hillary,Romney or Huckabee, sooner or later we must ante up and no matter who they are if they are touting no taxes I say they are full of it, whether it is the GOP or the Dems if they are talking about taxes not going up I don't even look at that as being in my equation of choosing one.

    I better end this I'm getting on a roll here,,thanks for coming by guys, if we don't care enough for educating our young people, then we have no hope for the future. What gets me is they still don't get it, take Kentucky for instance we elected a Democratic Gov. by a 2 to 1 margin and what use to be a McConnell shoe in, when looking at the Dems numbers and adding them together he is in trouble deep, an off the wall poll of close to a thousand people put Stumbo trailing by .2% but,,that is with Chandler picking up 21.3% and Crit picking up the rest,,o.k lets add the Dems together and you have this; about a 60/40 spread same as the Governor,,do you think they get it? No, of course not that is why McConnell stood against SCHIP and other needful programs, they just don't get it.

    Did they get it with the education bill? Course not and will us voters send them back to Washington? Course not, it is that simple.

  1. Floyd says:

    Here is another fresh off the press link to an education story concerning our veterans and the guy who is creating this private fund to help veterans is angry himself, my hats off to you Sir.

  1. Bush has been the boy King and the Republican Representatives have been his parents, not knowing how to say no to his wishes.

    There's a new Sheriff in town and they are slowly getting the nerve to do the biding for the American people.

    Now I know that they have a long way to go, because they seem to cave in to Bush tantrums as much as do the Republicans.

    We must somehow let them know that we have the power to remove them from office if the our wishe are not being met, as so many are not.

    Just maybe this House and Senate, can grow a backbone and become Marshals in Washington.

  1. Floyd says:

    I truly hope so Let's Talk, I would hope to see more passed in the way of domestic issues, some of the Representatives are riding the far right and apparently do not realize that folks back home want a good education program and they want funds for their schools and a health program was voted down that worked for ten years and their reasoning for voting it down was it would cover some kids above the middle-class, it was not upper middle-class but it was above the middle.

    I think if more Americans would get involved in the political process and saw just what was going on then, eventually, no matter what party affiliation they were with they are going to have to answer at the voting booth.

    I believe there are a lot of middle-class Republicans out there who are fed up as much as we are with the way things are being handled in Washington, McConnell had a lock on this state, but it is not that way now, if more Americans get involved in just how these people are voting and where the priorities lie then I believe things will change.

    You can't go to Washington and say I support the people and vote down a program like SCHIP that has worked for 10 years and has helped millions of working families kids both Democratic and Republican and expect the people to buy that, you can't vote down education and expect people to buy that, the only ones who would buy that just get their news from the main-stream media and how many times have they reported how the Representatives have voted?

    I would urge everyone to go to Congress dot org and see how your guys have been doing and if they have our best interests at heart, I like you would hope that they grow a back-bone and granted they have done better I will give them credit for that but there are some who are hindering the process, these need sent packing on election day.

    It is really a sad day for us when we pump billions upon billions into war, but when it comes to the children,,did I say that? Yes children,,the last two vetoes which was backed up by a majority of Republicans was an assault on the young people and children of this nation namely the SCHIP bill and the Education bill, I can only hope the voters stay informed on this and appear at election day to let 'em know what they think.