White House threatens to veto housing bill

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Bipartisanship as long as it benefits the
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration on Tuesday threatened to veto Democratic-written legislation designed to provide affordable housing for low-income families, saying it opposed the way a newly-created trust fund would be financed.

In the first year of the fund, all money would be earmarked for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. But the fate of the fund is tied to legislation to reform Fannie and Freddie as well as the FHA.

This is simply another attack on the middle-class, looks like we are just going to have to take the abuse until the election maybe then we 'might' get some relief. It seems every post I read around the web has something to do with the middle-class or the poor folks getting the shaft and now they threat of yet another veto and this one just like the health-care for children is skewed against the working class of this country, the first year all money would be earmarked for Hurricane victims of Katrina & Rita, but, ever since the Hurricane hit, those folks have got the shaft so it's nothing knew."Supporters of the trust fund say that it is a much-needed wedge against a troubling national motif: the destruction of affordable in-town housing, often at the hands of high-rise condominium and luxury home developers. (Chicago alone lost nearly 100,000 apartment units from 1989 to 2004, while gaining roughly an equal number of condos.)

The middle-class is getting the shaft because simply every program that would give some relief and is dwarfed in comparison to our spending on the wars, whether it be in the housing or in health care of American citizens, we always see the clear line of alignment with corporate America and the middle-class winds up bearing the burden of paying for the mess. Guess who I found in the New Orleans paper? Give up? None other than David Vitter, he tried to link Senate bill 1668 to building back slums? James Perry who is the executive director of Grater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center had this to say; Senate Bill 1668 grants a right of return to former New Orleans public housing residents and sets a deadline for the Housing Authority of New Orleans to make housing available, Perry said.

The bill “would make major improvements to some of the remaining and pressing housing needs on the Gulf Coast,” he said.

The bill calls for affordable housing units to replace every unit of demolished public housing, Perry said.

The bill would also allow income-eligible people living in trailers to receive federal rental assistance until the program ends in 2008, “providing a much-needed alternative to living in travel trailers or motels,” Perry said.

I wonder if Vitter also thinks it is a sin to deny housing to victims of Katrina based on inarguable claims in the "Big Easy"?

White House threatens to veto housing bill | Special Coverage | Reuters


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  1. Is this guy just against the poor or is he afraid that money might be taken from his war to fund such things for the people of this country.

  1. Floyd says:

    No veto's were used until the Democrats got in there and started trying to help the middle-class and the poor, the SCHIP bill is one and the threat of this housing bill is another kick in the face to working class people.

    Be sure and check out the link at the bottom ol' David Vitter had his 2 cents to add, I feel sorry for the people of New Orleans. They help elect this guy (Vitter) and he is sticking it to 'em left and right.

    You remember Vitter he is one of the self-righteous hypocrites.

  1. I missed the link, I'll go back a read it now.

  1. I dont think that Vitter will get a fight from most Republicans there, but wrong is wrong and it seems that the Republicans have been against the poor and middle class since taking control of the House and Senate.

    Now if we can just get rid of more in the next election.

  1. Floyd says:

    Vitter would probably relish more brothels in New Orleans than houses for those who lost everything. We will probably get rid of more, every time I read a news article they are either attacking children's health care or fair housing for Americans.