Testimony Doctored

Posted: 10/25/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

I remember a comment recently to this affect mainly I said that science has become a big PR game in that it can be manipulated to fit into any agenda, such as the editing of climate change testimony.

Lately science has been barraged by deals such as this and as the tobacco and petroleum conglomerates have also proven time and again that if the science don't match the facts the easiest thing to do is, hire some other scientists to try and cast doubt on the public.

some good examples can be found on Common Dreams Dot org,, Gore issued a statement that in effect that money is the universal language when it comes to this,,”There has been an organized campaign, financed to the tune of about $10 million a year from some of the largest carbon polluters, to create the impression that there is disagreement in the scientific community,” Gore said at a forum in Singapore. ”In actuality, there is very little disagreement.”

Let's not leave out Exxon Mobil who done it's share of funding think tanks and PR guru's to cast doubt on the public notion of pollution, Exxon Mobil has funded dozens of front groups, think tanks, industry associations, corporate-friendly research centers, and purportedly independent scientists to spread its denials. Greenpeace has documented the company’s support for a web of more than 100 organizations — from the American Council on Science and Health to the Washington Legal Foundation — that work to cast doubt on global warming science and likely consequences.

So does the latest surprise me? Not in the least.
Climate Change Testimony Was Edited by White House - New York Times


  1. These companies have the market of deceit at a new level. They use their lobbyist to flirt our Representatives, they use the airways with lies for a propositions vote needed to make more and more money under the coat of deception and money.

    When you get the chance, why don't you take a look at this news; Uncut Video of Megan Williams, I was shocked.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for the link Let's Talk, this happened in Logan Co.W.V,,a remote area, it is hard to believe what people are actually capable of doing, you catch everything on the net more or less we see society for what it is becoming.