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SCHIP was created in 1997 as a block grant to give states flexibility to cover uninsured children in families with income above Medicaid eligibility levels. It allows states to set premiums and co-payments on a sliding scale based on income and covers a more limited set of benefits than Medicaid, SCHIP provides an enhanced federal match, but each state's funding for SCHIP is capped and some states have experienced funding shortfalls.
This explains basically what SCHIP is and how it fits into health care of our children, this is something we all need to realize we are talking about children here and not adults. In other words if you fall in the percentile above what Medicaid allows then the state can set premiums based on your income and eligibility, but, allocating the state only has a certain amount of funding that it is allocated. In short this is a program that helps those of us who may be a little over the Medicaid threshold but are not insured and it's design is to help our children who might be in this category, in the PDF I will link you to the graph of 2004 shows us that 46% fall under Medicaid while 21% fall under SCHIP 12% are ineligible, 13% are not eligible and 8% are immigrants.

So, what the veto means is the 21% are left out in the cold, but the graph is 3 years old so the number could be higher or lower based on the results today. The fact remains that we can find billions of dollars to fight this war but can't find in ourselves compassion for our own soil, our own citizens, children above Medicaid could see a doctor but now will have to weather the storm, no matter how you cut it this is the reality of it my friends. Since I have two PDF files listed I am assuming you guys have the Adobe Reader if not, you can download the latest version at Adobe Reader.
Another good article relating to the veto of SCHIP suggests that Bush's veto could erode even more of the Hispanic vote from the Republicans, before this is over Bush might be known as the man who destroyed conservatism as we knew it. I am going to paste a passage of the article and it says thus; "Republicans have a reasonable policy argument against the measure, but it sounds complex and abstract," Pitney said. "The Democratic argument is simple and strong: 'We want to help kids but Bush and his friends do not." I would really be interested in knowing what this so called argument is, because for the last 10 years SCHIP has provided a safety net to many uninsured children, America seems to be waking up to the truth and anyone who has read the current headlines lately or who has access to a computer knows that the Republicans condone and ask for billions to fight a senseless war but when it comes to the average American they always turn up on the side of the cronies and fat cats of Washington and politics.
The Atlanta Journal also states that 40% yes, 40% of Hispanic children get their insurance through the SCHIP program or Medicaid, they are not presenting me with a clear analysis of data on this I would like to know the percentage of Hispanics on Medicaid verses Hispanics on SCHIP? What is even more interesting is that Bush supports a modest increase of 20% in the program $5 billion over 5 years,,can you actually believe what you are reading? Let's break it down, $1 billion dollars a year, a non-partisan think tank estimates that 70% of children who would gain coverage are in families earning less than $40,000. In September of 2006 an analysis by Congress put the cost of Iraq war at $2 billion per week a 20% jump from 2005. In other words we can come up with all these billions to use in Iraq but when it comes to our own children they offer (Bush) us $1 billion a year.
Uninsured PDF Document
Another good PDF Document
Atlanta Journal
Related article in Reason (contact Congress)

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  1. Great information a SCHIP floyd. I did a post on both Let's Talk and Let's Talk About It.
    I cannot understand how this President has started to cut anything that gets in the way of his war money.

    What I cannot understand is this extra money needed for said health care bill would come from tobacco tax.

    Bush made the statement that the bill would require more a tax increase from the tax payer and over four years would add up to $200 billion dollars. He followed by asking for $190 billion dollars for just one year with his war.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad our Commander Guy showed the courage so few in the Democrat party exhibit. By vetoing this dangerous legislation, he made a bold stand on principle and made a loud and clear statement about what is truly important in this nation!

    This was a slippery slope, leading our nation to the evils of nationalized health care. To paraphrase a famous line from Lady Justice, it is better that a thousand children die of a curable illness than one American needlessly suffers under "universal" health care. The only thing "universal" about universal health care is that everyone gets it. That's just plain scary.

    Our beloved Decider also drew the line on taxes. Yes, cigarettes are bad, but taxes are also bad. So cigarette taxes are doubly bad. We need to keep the prices down, so the poor can afford to smoke. It also makes the access to cigarettes easier for children. Since they aren't going to have health care, anyway, why not smoke and have a little fun?

    Finally our President said what we all have been thinking all along: "kids, if you want health care, get a friggin' job." God bless our President!

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for commenting Blanca depree, yep we know the president's record around here we know what just a splendid job he has done for working poor and middle-class families of America.

    I guess the great leader missed the plight of this veteran after serving his country he had to sue to get his job back. And many of our veteran's in this beloved war have to file lawsuits due to trauma and injuries they received during their tours in Iraq, I don't see the fearless leader standing up for them so I don't suppose children would make any difference.

    The SCHIP program was created for "working" families children, you know, the families who are working in America and don't have insurance? So these folks you are so quick to criticize are working families in America, they are not looking for hand-outs they are looking for a more level playing field.

    What it boils down to is we can waste billions of dollars on this war, but we can't help with only a few billion per year on children of working families. Like his stance back in 2001 on the minimum wage; Already Bush has dutifully indicated that he will not support a minimum wage increase unless it includes a provision allowing for states to opt out. Moreover, any wage increase signed by Bush would also need to include huge tax breaks for businesses. If Bush and his allies refuse to back off from these demands, the prospects for a wage hike will grow dimmer, as Bush intends.
    The only reason it was embraced this time was because a lot of his cronies deserted him on the issue.

    So I guess you are right in the end taking into account of the record he holds I don't think renewing SCHIP would be on the agenda, I knew this from the onset simply by looking at the record., and that is why America has turned away from the ideologies of the current direction conservatism is headed in and that is toward the extreme right, conservatism as a whole has been hijacked by the extremes and that is why it is where it's at today.

    So thank you fearless leader once again you have proven that when it comes to veto, you always stand on the side of big business, be it the Petroleum Industry or Medical king pins you never let us down.

    Thanks for dropping by Larry, yep, we can spend billions and billions and never even flinch as long as we spend it on war and not the working families children of this country.

    Thanks for dropping by blanca, don't be a stranger you are welcome no matter what view you may have.

  1. Jim says:

    I've really started to believe that Bush is a sociopath who has no compassion or empathy for those less fortunate than he has been.

    He can only act in favor of his elite social class, though he tries to convince us that he is just aregular ol' Texas cowboy.

  1. Larry says:

    Very telling on where the priorities lie when Bush refuses to provide healthcare for millions of poor American children, yet he has millions to spend on Blackwater and it's thuggery.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Jim in Gatornation, nice to hear from you again. He still has a small percentage fooled Jim, even though it is a small percentile, basically the one's who don't know his record. You are right my friend he comes off as the good ol' boy, you notice when this veto on SCHIP took place no camera's were present, the old stab in the back routine.

  1. Floyd says:

    Right on Larry, billions and billions are found for this war, probably tomorrow or next week they will ask for 40 or 50 more billion. But now he offered a bread crumb, a pity ante $1 billion a year, to help children who are not eligible for Medicaid, children of the poor working class. I wonder if they will run on the same slogan as Hoover?? "A chicken for every pot."

    He said it "would result" in covering children in families with incomes up to $83,000 per year, which isn't true. The Urban Institute estimated that 70 percent of children who would gain coverage are in families earning half that amount, and the bill contains no requirement for setting income eligibility caps any higher than what's in the current law. (The compromise bill that was released a few days after Bush's press conference does rescind an administration effort to block New York state from increasing its eligibility cap to that level.)
    Read more at; Fat Check dot org.

  1. Jim says:

    A good man passes away and approaches the Heavenly Gates to meet St. Peter. However, he is surprised to see thousands,if not millions of clocks at the entrance.

    St. Peter tells him that the angels keep a clock on everyone born and if they tell a lie, the hands move a minute.

    The man sees a clock with both hands straight up. St. Peter tells him that it's Mother Teresa's for she never told a lie.Then he sees another that had moved to two minutes past the hour. St. Peter said this was Abraham Lincoln's, who told only a couple of lies.

    Next, the man asked, "Where's the clock for George W. Bush"?

    St. Peter said, "Oh, Jesus keeps Bush's clock in his office. He uses it for a ceiling fan."

  1. Floyd says:

    LOL, I will have to use this Jim.