Melting Ice opens up Northwest Passage

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"While a number of natural factors have certainly contributed to the overall decline in sea ice, the effects of greenhouse warming are now coming through loud and clear," Serreze said. "The implications for global climate, as well as Arctic animals and people, are disturbing."
This graph says it all or, at least since records have been kept 1979 to present, look at the steep decline in 2007.
More and more Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the effect we have on our environment and adopting this kind of attitude will certainly help our grand-children in the future the Science Daily conducted a poll on relevance to our environment and a growing number think that global warming is an important threat that calls for drastic change. 40% consider a presidential candidate's position on global warming as a major relevance and 62% believe that life will continue as we know it only if we act to curb global warming, after reading a few article's out there it seems that most Americans are genuinely concerned about the problem, but until we get someone in charge who are able to talk with diplomats and get something going we are going to be haunted by global warming.
Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice Opens Northwest Passage
The past 1000 years graph
Science Daily


  1. Anonymous says:

    Now a day global warming controversy is very hype. NASA sciencetists completely work on global warming research. According the sciencetists after 30 year earth is completely effected by global warming.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for commenting Ronny, however, I have a different view I believe that global warming is for real and very much on the rise and due mostly to the pollutants we are spewing into the atmosphere. Many Corporations have got on board to do their part in trying to curb pollution, from the opening of the Northwest Passage to polar bears drowning in the arctic the graph shows a steady melting while carbon dioxide continues to rise and it presents to me a very viable trend. Ronny a lot of this is nothing more than PR manipulation of science, the tobacco industry did it back in the earlier years,,,

    Public recognition of the extent of this hazard was delayed for decades due to aggressive public relations by the tobacco industry, and even today the industry is involved in rearguard efforts to downplay the dangers of hazards such as secondhand smoke, documents came to light regarding an industry-sponsored campaign in the early 1990s to plant sympathetic letters and articles in influential medical journals. Tobacco companies had secretly paid 13 scientists a total of $156,000 simply to write them.

    The Tobacco Industry is not alone in hiring and putting on the payroll it's own cronies to instill doubt in the public, take for instance the American Petroleum Institute,,the Institute detailed its plans to spend $600,000 to develop a team of pro-industry climate scientists who would dispute the link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

    Recently released documents showing "hundreds of instances" where a former and current oil industry lobbyist had edited government reports to downplay the impact of human activities on global warming.

    The manipulation of science for public relations or political advantage inevitably has a corrupting effect on science itself. It undermines the integrity and objectivity of scientific research. It creates confusion in the minds of policymakers and the general public. What is needed, therefore, is greater public transparency regarding the sponsorship of science and of organizations that claim to speak on scientific matters. The public and policymakers have a right and to know who is funding research, what strings are attached to that funding, and how it may be affecting the information we use to make decisions—especially decisions on policy matters that affect us all.

    thanks for dropping by Ronny and hope you will stop in again.