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Posted: 10/16/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Here is a good little tool to use free of course, make a header for your web page out of photo's from your computer, it will make it the correct size for a normal header, I believe 800 x 200. Anyway try it out and put your own header on that blog, example you say; Go over to my other blog,,Blogging America and see the pig roast. (pig roast has been changed but you get the idea) I was just testing it out photo is not that good, but just seeing how it worked, this little tool has some potential. This tool has good things for making your header anything you want it and it is free.

Blog Header Generator: Spiff up your blog with a custom header


  1. Hi floyd. I didn't know that you had another site. I'm adding it to all three of my sites when I leave here.

    I came by to ask if it was anything you may have to add to the post I did at Let's Talk God.

    The post is about "Who Created God" and all the help I can get from others wis most needed.

    I'll also try the Blog Header Generator as well, Thanks.

  1. Floyd says:

    I'll check it out my friend,,but that is a deep subject indeed,,in the beginning of God I will leave this quote as an answer;

    St.John 1:ver-1&2,,,

    I have got to tell you this, I was coming home from Dollywood last week and stopped at a rest area, on the stall was scratched a pentagram and some words of Satan worship.
    (Dollywood is where that pic of the blog header on blogging america came from)
    Anyway, I came out and had a pen in my hand and was putting it in my shirt pocket, when the girlfriend asked what the heck was I doing with the ink pen,,,well I told her I wrote something with it and what I wrote were a few simple words above the Pentagram and those words were; SATAN WAS DEFEATED AT CALVARY,I think that might have been a good answer to those words written there.

    A lot of these Satan worshipers if they would sit back and think,,God created him,,now, what kind of chance would he have against a God like this?

  1. Larry says:

    Good job Floyd and I will check out the other blog.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Larry adding you also, yes actually I have 2 other blogs one is the wordpress one and I have a blogger blog called Things Kentucky, I love to blog, Reason is my only political blog and has most of my readers but blogging america has quite a few but not many commenter s but they are interested it has a large following. I am adding you to my other blogs also. Visit any of them anytime, welcome.

  1. contact says:

    You can use my photos for free at - all of
    them are taken by me and made Public Domain ; hope you enjoy them!

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks a bunch Contact and thanks for commenting and letting me know this I will check them out.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha. What the fuck? I came looking for a GNU header generator, and I get some weird rant about The Jesus?

    Maybe it never occurred to you that the people who draw pentagrams and "worship Satan" on bathrooms stalls are 14-year-olds. So who engages with them? Who is threatened by them? Christians, of course!

    Just proving that christians are intellectually stunted, immature, and mentally defective.

    "A lot of these Satan worshipers if they would sit back and think,,God created him,,now, what kind of chance would he have against a God like this?"

    Male god and male creation? Wow, an all-encompassing religion you've got there!

    Do you not get the point? People weren't created by "god." By any god. Definitely not your little dead-Nazarene-on-a-stick god, and not by any of the thousands or millions of others in the world.

    You know, if you people would stop ramming christianity down kids' throats, then kids would stop insisting on Satan's existence just to make you a laughing stock. YOU taught them about Satan -- you invented Satan -- YOU created the idea of Satan, genius, so stop whining about it!

    I'm not a Satanist, but I'll leave you with this: HAIL SATAN! 666!