Install a second drive in hp pavilion a705w

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Let me follow up more so as to make it easier, first get a compatible drive (EIDE) I got one at Wal-Mart, Western Digital EIDE Hard Drive WD Caviar SE-7200RPM, I am giving you this one because I know for a fact it works in the computer, the one I got is 160GB, you can get a less one if you want to. Best to write down what I know works in this computer then we have no guess work,,if you are installing read on,,

Step-1; Loosen thumb screws and slide the side off the cover.

Step-2; Take your new drive and install it in the slot with screws provided (in a705w use the slot just above the USB port)

Step-3; Locate the Gray ribbon-wire, and gray 40 pin plug that is on the ribbion- wire and is empty, plug that into your drive.

Step-4; Locate the plug labeled P3 and plug that into your Drive.

Step-5; slide the side cover back on and tighten the thumb screws Turn system back on as usual, and after everything boots up, insert the CD that came with the Drive.When the screen comes up, click on; Run Data Lifeguard Installation Software. After this follow instructions you will need to click on; Set Up Your Hard Drive Follow instructions and the software will do the rest.
I wanted to add the internal drive because it cuts down on clutter and it is out of the way, gives a lot more storage for your photos or whatever you want to store on there.

Note; Assuming your shunt jumper is CS (Cable Select) this drive comes with this as default, when you get your drive look at the back where the gray-ribbon I spoke of earlier plugs in and you will see 4 sets of two prongs, with a little shunt jumper on a set of them, if you get this drive it is default on Cable Select, if you have a different computer do more reading on Cable Select, Primary "Master" ,Secondary "Slave" the set-up would be different. The instruction booklet you get with the drive will explain pretty much these terms above, read it carefully. I hope that I have not confused you, it is sometimes hard to think of every detail in steps when you go to try and type them all out. If someone has done this also please feel free to in-put also, this worked for me on this model of computer so it should work on yours, and the best advice is to do lots of reading on the subject and make sure you are comfortable with doing it, if you are, you have saved some money on the computer repair man or woman.
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Another good free program to help you with drives and formatting is called Swissknife V3 at the link scroll down the page and you will see the free software.
SwissKnife V3

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