In aftermath of SCHIP bill veto,Bush asks for $46 billion to fund wars

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Bush asking for more money for his wars just after vetoing a health plan for middle-class American kids, boy talk about brass I'll say one thing for him he's got brass. You know what is always attached to these requests for this money war in Iraq, the stipulation of somehow questioning the support of troops always comes into play here, if the troops were actually being supported they would be home with their families in America.

I know we could always tie in the same rhetoric such as if you support middle-class health care for children then the SCHIP bill would have been signed. The Dem's have grown weak over the years just stick to their guns and go for it and I believe correct me if I'm wrong but the SCHIP bill I think required $35 billion as it was written.

Harry Reid had this to say; "We've been fighting for America's priorities while the president continues investing only in his failed war strategy -- and wants us to come up with another $200 billion and just sign off on it?" said Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.). "President Bush should not expect Congress to rubber stamp his latest supplemental request. We're not going to do that."

Now Harry don't get me wrong you should stand and do that, because you are correct in assuming that Bush only cares for his own agendas I did not see any bipartisanship on the SCHIP bill so why should Dem's cave in here? The right wing touts bipartisanship only when it benefits themselves.

This reminds me of an article written by Donna Brazile and she was writing about the e-mails she was receiving in disappointed Americans, did I say disappointed? They are in disappointment due to the lack of Dem's to take control of Congress, the Dem's were more or less elected to take charge and try to reign in the rubber-stamp Congress to which we are all aware of in the past, now I further realize you need a majority to over-ride a veto and granted there were some Republicans who voted to over-ride on the SHIP legislation for health-care for middle-class children, but we also know the majority who stood in the way were the Republicans and now Bush comes with this $46 billion more for his wars,But it does not end there, another request of a cool 500 million more is being asked for to help Mexico fight illegal drugs.

I agree with Donna on this the Dem's are not doing enough to reign in these reckless Representatives, Reid himself has put on the back burner the bill that would levy higher taxes against millionaire private equity managers, the excuse being the fall schedule is tight and they are not going to be able to do all the things that need doing. But going against the tide of the now GOP minority has paid off to some degree, examples being the increase in minimum wage, restoring pay as you go, making college loans more affordable and passing ethics reform. I like Donna's take on the article I read and that is Americans respect a will to fight, cowards don't get anyone's vote, I agree with her completely on this statement,,I can add a little to that myself, Paul said; I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith. And that is what the Dem's need to do they need to lead better, they are not going to win every fight but the main thing is that they are in it and stand up as the 'old' Democratic party done.

Bush Requests another $500 million to help Mexico fight illegal drugs

Bush Requests $46B to Fund Wars

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  1. We all know that is what Reed and the others will do anyway.