Go Steve Go!!!!

Posted: 10/26/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

With the election looming I could not be happier that Gov. Flecther is trailing Beshear by double digits, but I won't count my eggs before they hatch I am only saying that I'm in hog heaven as the polls go in the Bluegrass. I have also noticed that McConnell has been rather quite these days, figured he would really be supporting his buddy Ernie.

Go Steve Go!!!


  1. I guess during the General elections in November will tell the story. Since former Gov. Patton sex scandal did in the Democrats in your State four years ago, it's only fitting to see the former Attorney General take up the slack.

    I cannot say much about what is going on with Sen. McConnell and the scandal he finds himself in right now. Just maybe you guys will have a Democratic Governor and a Democratic Senator as well.

  1. Didn't McConnell endorse Northup in the Rep primary? If not, I think he at least acknowledged he rather not see Fletcher on the ballot again.

    Either way, new polling shows McConnell could be a major fight next year. Hopefully either Stumbo or Chandler gets in to challenge him. He starts out with a big cash advantage, but hopefully that can be overcome.

  1. Floyd says:

    Finally I got on line guys, hijacked by spyware called icthis.exe,,it started as pop-ups telling me my computer was at risk and tried to get me to download more rogue spyware, took over the browser, I did not download it but has taken me 3 days to rid myself of it.

    I always used Norton anti-virus but it would not even run against this stuff,,got it isolated with PC Doctor and finished it off (I think) with McAfee anti-virus, the program was some kind of malware.

    If you get little flashing icons that mimics windows, don't download anything, I think that is what helped it infected 20 files on my computer.

    I believe McConnell did mention Northup when she was up, Ernie just had to much corruption is what hurt him the most not to mention his scrapes within his own party, he even fired his running mate and tried to fire the head of the Republican party.