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I mentioned this in a post I done earlier about this Limbaugh thing, there are more pressing things to discuss than an idiot. I mean if Limbaugh had any decency at all (sarcasm intended) he would apologize for the remark himself, this is wasting time that could be spent over-riding a veto Bush done on the middle and lower class working families, it has went back and forth from this Limbaugh thing to the Republican fiasco about General Betrayus; It certainly was a remarkable performance in the United States Senate today with the world's greatest deliberative body getting together to decide whether or not to condemn a newspaper advertisement. Next week they'll be taking up the important question of whether taking down the New York Times Select pay wall makes the country more or less safe.
You don't see this much on Reason, me attacking the Left and the Right both. P.S; I hope those over 6 million kids that got shafted parents vote in force. So in closing I believe that Congress and the Senate owe the American people an apology for wasting "our" time. recently the defense bill was passed; The Senate passed this legislation authorizing $648 billion in defense spending, including military construction and Department of Energy defense-related programs, for the 2008 fiscal year.

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  1. Hi Floyd, my phone and DSL has been down, so I've missed a lot.

    You know I think we all must learn to be honest and tell things as we see them. If those things are Democrats doing wrong or Republicans.

    I for one will tell things as they are and I hope that you will continue to do so as well. Wrong is wrong regardless to whom is doing it.

  1. Floyd says:

    Speaking of high-speed this stupid cable company has been messing around for a month it might even be January before the thing gets fixed, doing everything in slow-mo. What they are doing Larry is both sides are acting like a bunch of kids, trying to condemn newspapers for ads and trying to go off on talk radio. These guys need to be doing their job, the Republicans worried about newspaper ads and the Democrats worried about Rush Limbaugh. They need to quit the B.S and start doing something constructive, I am glad to see you around my friend was wondering what happened.