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Posted: 10/11/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Never had tried out this browser before, but tonight I had a little time and figured I would try out a couple of browsers to see how they work, both work with the IE browser, one I tried was called Avant and the other was called Maxthon.

I was more happy with Maxthon and I will tell you why, right now I am connecting to the internet via dial-up and connect using a proxy (web accelerator) well anyway with the Avant browser when I gave it the proxy and port, it did connect and was doing a good job. But when I started to access my web mail and started using blogger, I kept getting the 405 error and when I connected directly then it would work. Avant was giving me this error all over the place, so I tried this other browser Maxthon and so far have not got one error from it, it is quicker than IE-7 and it has some really neat skins you can apply to it, you guys that read my blog know I run around looking for different things that seem to work good and this is just another one of them, getting back to the proxy,,in this browser I simply clicked on tools scroll down to proxy and clicked the use IE settings proxy and the browser connected to my "accelerator" the other browser when I did this it would not connect automatic like this one, it would not connect to the accelerator even when I clicked on the use IE settings. So if you are looking for a good alternative that cooperates with IE, this is it. I like the search feature also, you have the choice of Goggle, Yahoo or Multi-search which will open a frame up at top of page where you can multi-search. This thing is nice and stable to I opened 20 tabs on this thing and it was still good, so out of these 2 I pick the Maxthon, same as IE and works with IE, but to me is better, and don't forget to try some of the great plug-ins you can add to this just click on tools and manage plug-ins and it will take you there, even has speed-dial plug-in like Opera so you can save your most frequently visted pages, does not have a edit button on the menu but, download the plug-in for that to.
Maxthon Browser

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  1. Floyd says:

    O.K I got some time, this particular template gave me kind of a hard time but it is modified. The Opacity for the black background behind the subscribe buttons are almost clear when using the black color.