Hillary a Neocon?

Posted: 10/29/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Don't ask me how Tucker Carlson came to this hypothesis but at any rate it was said, what is far more interesting is that every Republican that is running for the 2008 nomination their tone is much more clear to the sense of the word. Having said that we find the conservatives coming out and condemning an ideology that they hold dear, I mean who are they fooling?

So what are the neocons to do such as Romney, among others, are they going to now embrace liberalism? What gets me is someone like Carlson making an idiotic statement and then you have coming out of the woodwork trying to condemn something they are part of themselves.

My opinion of Hillary is that she really is not as liberal as I would like her to be, but also I know she is not just another Bush drone, I think America has had enough drones to last her a while, we have had enough beating down of the middle-class on child heath-care and wages, their record is out there for all to see they can't talk their way out of it,,it is alas,,"fact."
Hillary a Neocon?

Go Steve Go!!!!

Posted: 10/26/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

With the election looming I could not be happier that Gov. Flecther is trailing Beshear by double digits, but I won't count my eggs before they hatch I am only saying that I'm in hog heaven as the polls go in the Bluegrass. I have also noticed that McConnell has been rather quite these days, figured he would really be supporting his buddy Ernie.

Go Steve Go!!!

Testimony Doctored

Posted: 10/25/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

I remember a comment recently to this affect mainly I said that science has become a big PR game in that it can be manipulated to fit into any agenda, such as the editing of climate change testimony.

Lately science has been barraged by deals such as this and as the tobacco and petroleum conglomerates have also proven time and again that if the science don't match the facts the easiest thing to do is, hire some other scientists to try and cast doubt on the public.

some good examples can be found on Common Dreams Dot org,, Gore issued a statement that in effect that money is the universal language when it comes to this,,”There has been an organized campaign, financed to the tune of about $10 million a year from some of the largest carbon polluters, to create the impression that there is disagreement in the scientific community,” Gore said at a forum in Singapore. ”In actuality, there is very little disagreement.”

Let's not leave out Exxon Mobil who done it's share of funding think tanks and PR guru's to cast doubt on the public notion of pollution, Exxon Mobil has funded dozens of front groups, think tanks, industry associations, corporate-friendly research centers, and purportedly independent scientists to spread its denials. Greenpeace has documented the company’s support for a web of more than 100 organizations — from the American Council on Science and Health to the Washington Legal Foundation — that work to cast doubt on global warming science and likely consequences.

So does the latest surprise me? Not in the least.
Climate Change Testimony Was Edited by White House - New York Times

Latino Head of RNC Resigns in Frustration

Posted: 10/22/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

The Republican Party's highest-ranking Latino official abruptly resigned Friday, marking the latest casualty in the GOP's bitter internal fight over immigration and dealing another setback to President Bush's years-long effort to court Latino voters. The ploy to get the Latino vote evaporated fast, as the latest defector is Mel Martinez and head of the Latino RNC, Martinez is a Cuban-born Senator from Florida.

Like his hero McKinley, he alone was the true visionary. Everyone else looked at the political landscape and saw a nation at rough parity. Rove looked at the same thing and saw an emerging Republican majority.

The last link I got off Mother Jones also and it puts in perspective of how Karl Rove came to seeing just about whatever Karl Rove seemed to see, Karl's goal was to bring in the Latino vote for the GOP but it did not quite get materialized like a lot of Karl's other wishes that seemed to vanish like vapor.
MotherJones Blog: Latino Head of RNC Resigns in Frustration

Rove's Dream

In aftermath of SCHIP bill veto,Bush asks for $46 billion to fund wars

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Bush asking for more money for his wars just after vetoing a health plan for middle-class American kids, boy talk about brass I'll say one thing for him he's got brass. You know what is always attached to these requests for this money war in Iraq, the stipulation of somehow questioning the support of troops always comes into play here, if the troops were actually being supported they would be home with their families in America.

I know we could always tie in the same rhetoric such as if you support middle-class health care for children then the SCHIP bill would have been signed. The Dem's have grown weak over the years just stick to their guns and go for it and I believe correct me if I'm wrong but the SCHIP bill I think required $35 billion as it was written.

Harry Reid had this to say; "We've been fighting for America's priorities while the president continues investing only in his failed war strategy -- and wants us to come up with another $200 billion and just sign off on it?" said Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.). "President Bush should not expect Congress to rubber stamp his latest supplemental request. We're not going to do that."

Now Harry don't get me wrong you should stand and do that, because you are correct in assuming that Bush only cares for his own agendas I did not see any bipartisanship on the SCHIP bill so why should Dem's cave in here? The right wing touts bipartisanship only when it benefits themselves.

This reminds me of an article written by Donna Brazile and she was writing about the e-mails she was receiving in disappointed Americans, did I say disappointed? They are in disappointment due to the lack of Dem's to take control of Congress, the Dem's were more or less elected to take charge and try to reign in the rubber-stamp Congress to which we are all aware of in the past, now I further realize you need a majority to over-ride a veto and granted there were some Republicans who voted to over-ride on the SHIP legislation for health-care for middle-class children, but we also know the majority who stood in the way were the Republicans and now Bush comes with this $46 billion more for his wars,But it does not end there, another request of a cool 500 million more is being asked for to help Mexico fight illegal drugs.

I agree with Donna on this the Dem's are not doing enough to reign in these reckless Representatives, Reid himself has put on the back burner the bill that would levy higher taxes against millionaire private equity managers, the excuse being the fall schedule is tight and they are not going to be able to do all the things that need doing. But going against the tide of the now GOP minority has paid off to some degree, examples being the increase in minimum wage, restoring pay as you go, making college loans more affordable and passing ethics reform. I like Donna's take on the article I read and that is Americans respect a will to fight, cowards don't get anyone's vote, I agree with her completely on this statement,,I can add a little to that myself, Paul said; I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith. And that is what the Dem's need to do they need to lead better, they are not going to win every fight but the main thing is that they are in it and stand up as the 'old' Democratic party done.

Bush Requests another $500 million to help Mexico fight illegal drugs

Bush Requests $46B to Fund Wars

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Blackwater still under the gun

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In addition to Blackwaters being under scrutney for it's dealings in Iraq, the lastest comes from a lawmaker who is now accusing Blackwater of tax evasion.

The California Democrat said the firm "sought to conceal its conduct from Congress and law enforcement officials."

Blackwater spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell said in an e-mail that Waxman argues Blackwater cannot treat its personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan as "independent contractors" and contends they must be treated as employees for IRS purposes.

Earlier this month, Rice ordered the installation of cameras on all Blackwater convoys in Baghdad and said diplomatic agents should accompany them on each mission.

Blackwater still under gun

Link inside this blog

Lap Dogs Trot In Line

Posted: 10/19/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Let's cut to the chase shall we,,Republicans throw the middle-class under the bus. That is about as simple as it gets, the Republicans who voted as usual to follow Bush's lead have come up with absolutely nothing in trying to defend their position. Except this position "government medicine" well, seemed good for the last 10 years, the other position,,the cut-off line is to high,,(middle-class kids have health-care) why not come out and say it like it is that is what they are saying,,middle-class kids are all covered so they don't need it. Oh I forgot one last argument, cost to much,,I won't even go there.

What we have are elected officials that can't think for themselves, if Bush was not there to guide them they would be as lost as bird in a tornado, you don't see me speak frankly that often but this just got me to lay on the line what exactly is taking place, but I also know you guys know all this already, what happened is a disgrace to middle-America.
House Fails to Override Child Health Bill Veto - New York Times

Turkey cranks up the war wagon

Posted: 10/18/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A response last week in Istanbul to plans of going into Iraq issued this statement concerning 'our' feelings about them doing so; Despite the US demand that there be no attack, Mr Erdogan is critical of the US saying at a rally in Istanbul last weekend: "Nobody can give us lessons on beyond-border operations. Did the US consult us when it entered Iraq from tens of thousands of thousands of kilometres away?" The vote was 507/19 to launch attacks into northern Iraq to target the PKK.

The simple but very real problem we have is this; The Kurds are really the only bloc in Iraq to approve of America's role in the country, in other words these are about the only friends we have in the whole country and it would not be in our best interests to abandon them. In the past we have favored Turkey in their endeavors against the Kurds but, this time that certainly would not be in our interest.

Restraint is also being urged not only by Washington, but also the UN and as in the past under Saddam they were allowed in to Kurdistan but had little effect on the PKK, which disappeared into the mountains and frankly it seems the effect if any would be minimal now based on past attempts. At best it would destabilize what we have gained with the Kurds and would be at best our worst nightmare, the Iraqi president urged Turkey not to intervene but urged the PKK to stop it's "military activities" while on his trip to Paris he also offered Turkey to open up talks and try to reach an agreement

Turkey votes to open new front in Iraq war - Independent Online Edition > Europe


Kurd Attack Kills 12 in Turkey

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Manitoba Canada

Posted: 10/17/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

This photographer in Churchill thought his huskies might be lunch but it turns out the polar bear just wanted to romp in the snow,,,,(edited photos using the free software Paint.NET)

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Make a free blog header from Photo's

Posted: 10/16/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Here is a good little tool to use free of course, make a header for your web page out of photo's from your computer, it will make it the correct size for a normal header, I believe 800 x 200. Anyway try it out and put your own header on that blog, example you say; Go over to my other blog,,Blogging America and see the pig roast. (pig roast has been changed but you get the idea) I was just testing it out photo is not that good, but just seeing how it worked, this little tool has some potential. This tool has good things for making your header anything you want it and it is free.

Blog Header Generator: Spiff up your blog with a custom header

Measure to shield reporters' secret sources likely to pass - USATODAY.com

Posted: 10/15/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

It looks like a bill that would help reporters protect their sources is going to pass easily despite opposition by the glorious leader. The bill seems to have a good left/right following, if this bill was stifled that would mean that reporters would have to divulge their sources on stories and would hinder the whistle blowers out there squealing about all the corruption going on. This should put in perspective why it is meeting such resistance from the administration and others who simply want more law to keep us in line and they sure don't need more whistle blowers out there giving us any insight.

Liberal Democrats, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have joined conservative Republicans, such as Pence, to support the bill. Although no floor vote has yet been scheduled in the Senate, the chamber's Judiciary Committee this month approved its version of the shield bill by a 15-2 vote.

Measure to shield reporters' secret sources likely to pass - USATODAY.com

Young people give GOP the 'ax'

Posted: 10/14/2007 by Floyd in

The Democratic trend accelerated in 2006, with young voters giving Democrats 60 percent of their votes in Senate elections and 58 percent in House contests, according to CIRCLE analysis of exit poll data, helping cement the Democrats' takeover of Congress. Just 35 percent of young people identify more with the Republican Party, according to a 2006 survey of 18- to 25-year-olds by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Another 48 percent affiliate themselves more with the Democrats, while the rest say they're independent.

It seems as though the young people are giving the Dem's the edge according to this data, taken from the Houston Chronicle. I got this after reading Texas Blue article Kids Strike Back. He touched on a good point I believe when his assessment was that young people were more aligned with the Democrats than the Republicans. The young people growing up today only see stubbornness and scandal coming from the GOP, this data does not in the least surprise me. If you look around you can see where I'm coming from, the GOP has basically been hijacked by the extreme right.

Texas Blue

Houston Chronicle

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Abortion rates same whether legal or not - Women's Health - MSNBC.com

Posted: 10/11/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A study shows that women do get an abortion if they want one whether it is legal or not. “The legal status of abortion has never dissuaded women and couples, who, for whatever reason, seek to end pregnancy,” Beth Fredrick of the International Women’s Health Coalition in the U.S. said in an accompanying commentary.
Abortion rates same whether legal or not - Women's Health - MSNBC.com

Free Browser Maxthon

Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

Never had tried out this browser before, but tonight I had a little time and figured I would try out a couple of browsers to see how they work, both work with the IE browser, one I tried was called Avant and the other was called Maxthon.

I was more happy with Maxthon and I will tell you why, right now I am connecting to the internet via dial-up and connect using a proxy (web accelerator) well anyway with the Avant browser when I gave it the proxy and port, it did connect and was doing a good job. But when I started to access my web mail and started using blogger, I kept getting the 405 error and when I connected directly then it would work. Avant was giving me this error all over the place, so I tried this other browser Maxthon and so far have not got one error from it, it is quicker than IE-7 and it has some really neat skins you can apply to it, you guys that read my blog know I run around looking for different things that seem to work good and this is just another one of them, getting back to the proxy,,in this browser I simply clicked on tools scroll down to proxy and clicked the use IE settings proxy and the browser connected to my "accelerator" the other browser when I did this it would not connect automatic like this one, it would not connect to the accelerator even when I clicked on the use IE settings. So if you are looking for a good alternative that cooperates with IE, this is it. I like the search feature also, you have the choice of Goggle, Yahoo or Multi-search which will open a frame up at top of page where you can multi-search. This thing is nice and stable to I opened 20 tabs on this thing and it was still good, so out of these 2 I pick the Maxthon, same as IE and works with IE, but to me is better, and don't forget to try some of the great plug-ins you can add to this just click on tools and manage plug-ins and it will take you there, even has speed-dial plug-in like Opera so you can save your most frequently visted pages, does not have a edit button on the menu but, download the plug-in for that to.
Maxthon Browser

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Hillary tromps rivals in Nevada

Posted: 10/10/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Hillary has a commanding lead in Nevada, holding 51% her closest rival is Edwards at 14%.
Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus Preference

TheHill.com - Pelosi turning tables

Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

I knew this was coming, it's simple, every time we run into an obstacle or argument concerning a program or incentive for middle and poor America, we keep getting the song and dance budget rhetoric. Nancy should have been doing this from day one, my old saying to this is; Don't throw stones if you live in glass houses. The currant administration has reigned over the biggest budget wasting pork deals of history, runaway spending and waste are common-place except when it comes to helping middle America and the poor, at that point it is classified as being wasteful, wasn't it Cheney who said "Deficits Don't Matter."

TheHill.com - Pelosi steers spending debate to costs in Iraq

Link In Reason

White House threatens to veto housing bill

Posted: by Floyd in Labels: ,

Bipartisanship as long as it benefits the
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration on Tuesday threatened to veto Democratic-written legislation designed to provide affordable housing for low-income families, saying it opposed the way a newly-created trust fund would be financed.

In the first year of the fund, all money would be earmarked for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. But the fate of the fund is tied to legislation to reform Fannie and Freddie as well as the FHA.

This is simply another attack on the middle-class, looks like we are just going to have to take the abuse until the election maybe then we 'might' get some relief. It seems every post I read around the web has something to do with the middle-class or the poor folks getting the shaft and now they threat of yet another veto and this one just like the health-care for children is skewed against the working class of this country, the first year all money would be earmarked for Hurricane victims of Katrina & Rita, but, ever since the Hurricane hit, those folks have got the shaft so it's nothing knew."Supporters of the trust fund say that it is a much-needed wedge against a troubling national motif: the destruction of affordable in-town housing, often at the hands of high-rise condominium and luxury home developers. (Chicago alone lost nearly 100,000 apartment units from 1989 to 2004, while gaining roughly an equal number of condos.)

The middle-class is getting the shaft because simply every program that would give some relief and is dwarfed in comparison to our spending on the wars, whether it be in the housing or in health care of American citizens, we always see the clear line of alignment with corporate America and the middle-class winds up bearing the burden of paying for the mess. Guess who I found in the New Orleans paper? Give up? None other than David Vitter, he tried to link Senate bill 1668 to building back slums? James Perry who is the executive director of Grater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center had this to say; Senate Bill 1668 grants a right of return to former New Orleans public housing residents and sets a deadline for the Housing Authority of New Orleans to make housing available, Perry said.

The bill “would make major improvements to some of the remaining and pressing housing needs on the Gulf Coast,” he said.

The bill calls for affordable housing units to replace every unit of demolished public housing, Perry said.

The bill would also allow income-eligible people living in trailers to receive federal rental assistance until the program ends in 2008, “providing a much-needed alternative to living in travel trailers or motels,” Perry said.

I wonder if Vitter also thinks it is a sin to deny housing to victims of Katrina based on inarguable claims in the "Big Easy"?

White House threatens to veto housing bill | Special Coverage | Reuters


Down In New Orleans

Read More on Vitter In Reason

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Trick or Treat

Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

This Sunset template I modified slightly, it was just aching to get into the season, perfect color combo,,,HAPPY HALLOWEEN month.

This is also breast cancer awareness month;

Pink For October

Get off this train

Posted: 10/08/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

I mentioned this in a post I done earlier about this Limbaugh thing, there are more pressing things to discuss than an idiot. I mean if Limbaugh had any decency at all (sarcasm intended) he would apologize for the remark himself, this is wasting time that could be spent over-riding a veto Bush done on the middle and lower class working families, it has went back and forth from this Limbaugh thing to the Republican fiasco about General Betrayus; It certainly was a remarkable performance in the United States Senate today with the world's greatest deliberative body getting together to decide whether or not to condemn a newspaper advertisement. Next week they'll be taking up the important question of whether taking down the New York Times Select pay wall makes the country more or less safe.
You don't see this much on Reason, me attacking the Left and the Right both. P.S; I hope those over 6 million kids that got shafted parents vote in force. So in closing I believe that Congress and the Senate owe the American people an apology for wasting "our" time. recently the defense bill was passed; The Senate passed this legislation authorizing $648 billion in defense spending, including military construction and Department of Energy defense-related programs, for the 2008 fiscal year.

Air America Radio
Radio Ink

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Another Toe Tapper

Posted: 10/05/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

Joe DiFatta who dropped out of the Louisiana State Senate 1st District race had complained of having chest pains and might have had a minor heart attack, being his claim of dropping from the race, tonight the Times Picayune reported that DiFatta was twice detained for suspicion of lewd conduct in mall restrooms.

The report states that DiFatta watched a man use the bathroom while peering through a hole in a bathroom stall. The man held DiFatta until police arrived, at which time he was issued the misdemeanor summons and ordered to appear in court.

In the second incident, Jefferson Parish deputies working an undercover detail in a men's bathroom at Dillard's at Lakeside Shopping Center in March 2000 stopped DiFatta after he indicated a desire to engage in sex with an undercover deputy in an adjoining bathroom stall, according to an interoffice memorandum written by Sgt. Keith Conley, one of the deputies involved in the investigation.

Another similar incident involving another Republican Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho, pleaded guilty and recently lost a court battle to recant his guilty plea has vowed to stay on in the Senate, in apparent dismay to a lot of fellow Republicans.

First Draft: Another Toe Tapping Republican: Former member of Louisiana Republican State Central Committee dropped out of race just ahead of incidents exposed

Sen. Craig vows to stay on

Link In Reason

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Contact Congress Republican & Democrat

Posted: by Floyd in Labels: , ,

Contact any of your Representatives who are in Congress and the Senate to because if we can get the over-ride through Congress then the Senate will be next, first of all let me say that you have heard from many how the Democrats are weak and that they have no spine and to tell you the truth sometimes I believe it myself. This is a fight that American working families can not lose, this program has worked perfect for the last 10 years and has helped millions of families children and now they want to say it costs to much. which brings me to the Republicans how much spine do they have? If Bush says jump they jump and if Bush says sit, then they sit, I know you Republicans out there did not elect a bunch of lap dogs, if we want a nice lap dog I'll send my Pug to Washington. (updated; Oct 6, 2007)

In seven years, George W. Bush has used his veto power four times, this latest time against SCHIP, the bipartisan bill to provide health insurance for poor, uninsured children. This is the man who touts himself as "compassionate," and who allegedly cares about unborn children? This is the president who inherited a balanced budget, an incredible surplus budget, the president who wants to make permanent his tax cuts for the rich, the president who has asked for and received almost $800 billion for this quagmire in Iraq, and now he cares about a $35-billion program that will fund itself over five years and vetoes it because it's too expensive?

Tell Congress to use some of the war billions being borrowed from China to help finance the disaster built on lies and use some of that money to help care for our own, Congress needs some grit in their craw both Democrats and Republicans by overriding this veto of a program that has been tried and true for 10 years and help the children of poor working families of this country, the Republican candidates have already got on board with the veto and half of them do not even know what the program is, the article in the Times leads me to believe that the Republicans are trying to appeal to their base?? I wonder who that could be maybe corporate America, I know it is not the average Republican out there, the average Republican are working men and women, so this appealing to the base don't wash here.

Paul Krugman said it best when it comes to health care conservatives are such jokers, Bush's response back in July was thus; “I mean, people have access to health care in America,” said Mr. Bush in July. “After all, you just go to an emergency room.”
And Republican disillusionment with Mr. Bush does not appear to signal any change in that regard. On the contrary, the leading candidates for the Republican nomination have gone out of their way to condemn “socialism,” which is G.O.P.-speak for any attempt to help the less fortunate. So once again, if you’re poor or you’re sick or you don’t have health insurance, remember this: these people think your problems are funny.
Join me in signing the petition to Congress and demand an over-ride on this veto that effects millions of working class American children.

Candidates become lap dogs
Link in Reason SCHIP bill Vetoed
Read More about SCHIP

SCHIP Bill Vetoed

Posted: 10/03/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

SCHIP was created in 1997 as a block grant to give states flexibility to cover uninsured children in families with income above Medicaid eligibility levels. It allows states to set premiums and co-payments on a sliding scale based on income and covers a more limited set of benefits than Medicaid, SCHIP provides an enhanced federal match, but each state's funding for SCHIP is capped and some states have experienced funding shortfalls.
This explains basically what SCHIP is and how it fits into health care of our children, this is something we all need to realize we are talking about children here and not adults. In other words if you fall in the percentile above what Medicaid allows then the state can set premiums based on your income and eligibility, but, allocating the state only has a certain amount of funding that it is allocated. In short this is a program that helps those of us who may be a little over the Medicaid threshold but are not insured and it's design is to help our children who might be in this category, in the PDF I will link you to the graph of 2004 shows us that 46% fall under Medicaid while 21% fall under SCHIP 12% are ineligible, 13% are not eligible and 8% are immigrants.

So, what the veto means is the 21% are left out in the cold, but the graph is 3 years old so the number could be higher or lower based on the results today. The fact remains that we can find billions of dollars to fight this war but can't find in ourselves compassion for our own soil, our own citizens, children above Medicaid could see a doctor but now will have to weather the storm, no matter how you cut it this is the reality of it my friends. Since I have two PDF files listed I am assuming you guys have the Adobe Reader if not, you can download the latest version at Adobe Reader.
Another good article relating to the veto of SCHIP suggests that Bush's veto could erode even more of the Hispanic vote from the Republicans, before this is over Bush might be known as the man who destroyed conservatism as we knew it. I am going to paste a passage of the article and it says thus; "Republicans have a reasonable policy argument against the measure, but it sounds complex and abstract," Pitney said. "The Democratic argument is simple and strong: 'We want to help kids but Bush and his friends do not." I would really be interested in knowing what this so called argument is, because for the last 10 years SCHIP has provided a safety net to many uninsured children, America seems to be waking up to the truth and anyone who has read the current headlines lately or who has access to a computer knows that the Republicans condone and ask for billions to fight a senseless war but when it comes to the average American they always turn up on the side of the cronies and fat cats of Washington and politics.
The Atlanta Journal also states that 40% yes, 40% of Hispanic children get their insurance through the SCHIP program or Medicaid, they are not presenting me with a clear analysis of data on this I would like to know the percentage of Hispanics on Medicaid verses Hispanics on SCHIP? What is even more interesting is that Bush supports a modest increase of 20% in the program $5 billion over 5 years,,can you actually believe what you are reading? Let's break it down, $1 billion dollars a year, a non-partisan think tank estimates that 70% of children who would gain coverage are in families earning less than $40,000. In September of 2006 an analysis by Congress put the cost of Iraq war at $2 billion per week a 20% jump from 2005. In other words we can come up with all these billions to use in Iraq but when it comes to our own children they offer (Bush) us $1 billion a year.
Uninsured PDF Document
Another good PDF Document
Atlanta Journal
Related article in Reason (contact Congress)

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Time to start paying for Iraq America

Posted: by Floyd in Labels: , , ,

Well time to start paying for this mess may be sooner than later, if I am reading the article's right? I have harped so much on this blog about paying for this money pit that I start scanning the news early this morning and low and behold it is on my screen and it really is not news to me I mean you figure that sooner or later someone is going to have to ante up and that someone is us my friends, these article's are just touching the iceberg on the money pit known as Iraq.
The tax will range from 2% on the low tier to 15% on the big white-collar folks, it is start to sounding like a bad credit card, I figure 'our' take is probably from 8-10 percent give or take a few percent. A lot of the white-collar are holding up the war banner so they should be feeling pretty at ease now paying for the money pit. Apparently it is applied to the Iraq war and not Afghanistan,,"We need to stop pretending that this war doesn't cost anything," Obey said. The Wisconsin Democrat said the "war surtax" would only be applied to the costs of the Iraq campaign, not Afghanistan.

House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey said that there is no sense of shared sacrifice since the federal government continues to borrow billions of dollars to fund this crusade (sarcasm interjected)."George Bush compared the war in Iraq to the Revolutionary War," McGovern added. "If he really believes that, he should be asking everybody to sacrifice. For those of us who are against this war, who think it's a tragedy, the only thing that makes this tragedy worse is that the cost of this war falls on the backs of my kids and grand kids. If you don't like this war, and you don't want to pay taxes, then fight doubly hard against this war."
Meanwhile; “The president is asking Congress to appropriate an additional supplemental request of almost $200 billion,” the appropriations chairman, Representative David R. Obey, Democrat of Wisconsin, said at a news conference. “I have no intention of reporting out of committee anytime in this session of Congress any such request that simply serves to continue the status quo.”
Yesterday a bill was passed to give the Bush administration two months to present to Congress it's plans for withdrawal of combat forces, well at least they are talking about other things than Rush Limbaugh and move on dot org,I think this pity dainty stuff took up valuable time to do something constructive. But think about it,,do you see anything really coming of this? Majority leader Hoyer said our objective is to change course in Iraq, I wonder if he really believes this? A lot of time has been wasted on this Limbaugh and move on dot org, first, who listens to Rush? The guy is unbalanced why would I waste time on trying to best an idiot? Move on dot org, let'em advertise and move on, my point is that Congress and the Senate involved also is wasting time chasing shadows when they should be concentrating on how to end this mess and grow a spine and just do it, don't worry about what Rush says or move on dot org, they act like a bunch of kids on recess.
One other statement by Nancy;"Some have suggested that shared sacrifice should take the form of a draft; others have suggested a surtax. Those who oppose a tax and the draft also should oppose the President's war. Just as I have opposed the war from the outset, I am opposed to a draft and I am opposed to a war surtax."
That is a good statement in itself but let's look at reality and the cold hard truth, and that is,,someone will have to pay for this mess that goes without saying, then why not lay it on the table for all to see, either us or our grand kids will have to pay for these blunders and to stand and tell the American people I am opposed to means of paying for the war, is only kidding oneself.
Pay Up America
New York Times
Within Reason,all it takes is tax money
Move On dot org; General Betray Us
Rush Limbagh needs to apologize?

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Melting Ice opens up Northwest Passage

Posted: 10/02/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

"While a number of natural factors have certainly contributed to the overall decline in sea ice, the effects of greenhouse warming are now coming through loud and clear," Serreze said. "The implications for global climate, as well as Arctic animals and people, are disturbing."
This graph says it all or, at least since records have been kept 1979 to present, look at the steep decline in 2007.
More and more Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the effect we have on our environment and adopting this kind of attitude will certainly help our grand-children in the future the Science Daily conducted a poll on relevance to our environment and a growing number think that global warming is an important threat that calls for drastic change. 40% consider a presidential candidate's position on global warming as a major relevance and 62% believe that life will continue as we know it only if we act to curb global warming, after reading a few article's out there it seems that most Americans are genuinely concerned about the problem, but until we get someone in charge who are able to talk with diplomats and get something going we are going to be haunted by global warming.
Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice Opens Northwest Passage
The past 1000 years graph
Science Daily

Install a second drive in hp pavilion a705w

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Let me follow up more so as to make it easier, first get a compatible drive (EIDE) I got one at Wal-Mart, Western Digital EIDE Hard Drive WD Caviar SE-7200RPM, I am giving you this one because I know for a fact it works in the computer, the one I got is 160GB, you can get a less one if you want to. Best to write down what I know works in this computer then we have no guess work,,if you are installing read on,,

Step-1; Loosen thumb screws and slide the side off the cover.

Step-2; Take your new drive and install it in the slot with screws provided (in a705w use the slot just above the USB port)

Step-3; Locate the Gray ribbon-wire, and gray 40 pin plug that is on the ribbion- wire and is empty, plug that into your drive.

Step-4; Locate the plug labeled P3 and plug that into your Drive.

Step-5; slide the side cover back on and tighten the thumb screws Turn system back on as usual, and after everything boots up, insert the CD that came with the Drive.When the screen comes up, click on; Run Data Lifeguard Installation Software. After this follow instructions you will need to click on; Set Up Your Hard Drive Follow instructions and the software will do the rest.
I wanted to add the internal drive because it cuts down on clutter and it is out of the way, gives a lot more storage for your photos or whatever you want to store on there.

Note; Assuming your shunt jumper is CS (Cable Select) this drive comes with this as default, when you get your drive look at the back where the gray-ribbon I spoke of earlier plugs in and you will see 4 sets of two prongs, with a little shunt jumper on a set of them, if you get this drive it is default on Cable Select, if you have a different computer do more reading on Cable Select, Primary "Master" ,Secondary "Slave" the set-up would be different. The instruction booklet you get with the drive will explain pretty much these terms above, read it carefully. I hope that I have not confused you, it is sometimes hard to think of every detail in steps when you go to try and type them all out. If someone has done this also please feel free to in-put also, this worked for me on this model of computer so it should work on yours, and the best advice is to do lots of reading on the subject and make sure you are comfortable with doing it, if you are, you have saved some money on the computer repair man or woman.
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Another good free program to help you with drives and formatting is called Swissknife V3 at the link scroll down the page and you will see the free software.
SwissKnife V3

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Another scare tactic

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Dean Baker puts the Bush scare tactic on Social Security in perspective with this post, seems Bush is up to his old scare tactics again, well, at least it's closer to Halloween,,trick or treat America.

Bush is again declaring war on Social Security, claiming that the program is going bankrupt and will impose an unbearable burden on our children and grandchildren. In an apparent effort to lay the groundwork for a future president to privatize and/or cut the program, the Treasury Department is circulating a new set of Bush stories that are designed to convince the public that the Social Security program must be changed.

Suppose we use the numbers from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) instead of the Social Security Trustees, since four of the six trustees are political appointees of the President. CBO tells us that the projected shortfall over the next 75 years is equal to 0.4 percent of projected income. This is approximately 30 percent of current spending on the war in Iraq and about one-fifth the size of President Bush’s tax cuts. In other words, if the projected Social Security shortfall has you worried, you should be absolutely terrified about the cost of the war in Iraq and paralyzed with fear by the revenue lost as a result of President Bush’s tax cuts.
Read the article over at; TPM Cafe