Talking up Iran

Posted: 9/21/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

This article I grabbed from the Telegraph, the headlines read: Bush setting America up for war with Iran, that is scary indeed. Many senior operatives within the CIA are highly critical of Mr Bush's handling of the Iraq war, though they themselves are considered ineffective and unreliable by hardliners close to Mr Cheney. Sources apparently also told the Telegraph that Bush promised Condi Rice that he would consult with Congress and representatives of both parties before any military action against Iran, under the understanding that Rice would resign if this did not happen.

Tehran held a big parade on Saturday to show off it's military might and to belittle the embargo placed on it, some trucks carrying missiles were painted in the back with slogans attacking both the U.S and Israel,,Threats and economic sanctions will not stop Iran's technological progress, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Saturday at a large parade featuring fighter jets and radar-avoiding missiles designed to show off the country's military might. "Those (countries) who assume that decaying methods such as psychological war, political propaganda and the so-called economic sanctions would work and prevent Iran's fast drive toward progress are mistaken," Ahmadinejad said at the parade.
The Telegraph
USA Today


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  1. Condi might as well start packing her bags. This got is serious about bombing Iran.

    He almost has too. If he doesn't Israel will most certainly do it for him and that we cause more harm in the Middle East than America bombing Iran.

    Thanks so very much for your support of the new site floyd. I never thought it would start off so well. With your help and the others that stopped by and left a comment means more that you all would ever know.

    I was somewhat hesitant about starting such a site, but you all have made it worthwhile.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Omar, you just tempting me with those fantastic resorts, I wish I could win the lottery or something.
    Thanks for dropping by my friend drop in anytime and sound off.

    Hello Larry, this is for real the site is great, it is well written and most of all it is the truth. I am glad you started this site we need a lot more like it on the web, if everyone (me included) had a lot more of GOD this would be a much better world in which we live.

    I want to tell you again the resume you did on Jesus was absolutely great, I have never read this in the kind of context you presented it in and I agree with you on the Condi thing,,she better start packing.