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Australian Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile politely asked George W.
Bush on the tarmac in Sydney what he saw during his stopover in Iraq.
"We're kicking ass," our chipper President replied. So, after four long
years since his memorable words of "bring 'em on" and "mission
accomplished," the President continues on his own merry course.

Bush returns to direct the national "debate" on the progress of his
"surge" strategy in Iraq, which features reports by Gen. David Petraeus
and Ambassador Ryan Crocker. The President is already kicking some ass,
but on his own political turf. The White House, we know, has been
engaged in the preparation of the Petraeus and Crocker reports. Can
there be any surprises? We have formal Congressional hearings, but they
promise little in the way of real inquiry--or real opposition. After
the testimony, the President will address the nation and, once again,
put his imprimatur on "the course." Bush is engaged: He has the
microphone and the national stage.

As Bush expands Petraeus's role and strategy, Congress will find it
difficult to challenge, let alone oppose, the mountain of authority the
President is erecting.
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Petraeus trying hard to paint a rosy picture in Iraq is better situated in facts and the fact is only a few of the benchmarks were ever achieved by the surge, the political situation seems basically at a standstill and by drawing down troops by next spring is nothing new as experts have said we can only maintain this level until then. As far back as May Petraeus said he would not have anything 'definitive' in September and he got that right there was nothing more definitive except more of the same, meanwhile the man who masterminded the 9/11 attack is still on the lam and making videos. I would imagine if you keep dismissing generals you are bound to get one sooner or later who agrees with you.
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  1. Octavian says:

    I think a psychological evaluation of president Bush might be a good thing. Because I've yet to understand what it is he is actually thinking.
    It seems their aim now is to make people forget we've been in Iraq for over 4 years.

  1. Floyd says:

    Ha,Ha,Ha, you are reading it like I am my friend, that is exactly their aim, have you listened to any of this it is hilarious.