Install a bigger hard-drive in hp pavilion a705w the easy way

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First I have had this computer a few years it is a hp pavilion a705w running windows XP Home Edition on it, problem is the thing came with only 256MB of memory and a 40GB hard drive, a computer guy I know worked on it and put in a bigger power supply and put in another stick of memory, if you look in the back you see two thumb screws, loosen those and slide the side back and off, best of my memory you will see the stick of 256MB of memory or at least that was what was in mine, with the tower setting up-right in normal position the memory will be sitting in a vertical position, labeled DDR-1,DDR-2,,the 2 slot will be empty. In the empty slot I added 512MB SD Ram(SDR)(DDR PC-2700 memory), would have replaced the other one but did not have it at the time.The hard drive you use must be an EIDE hard drive, I got mine at wal-mart, it is;

Western Digital WD Caviar SE 7200 RPM (EIDE) There is software that comes with it to help you install the new drive and format it, it has added software on the CD if you wish to install Google Toolbar, Google Desktop and Picasa.
This one I got already had the jumper on the correct pins CS (cable-select)this is the default setting for WD EIDE hard drives if you get this drive read the instructions it is fairly simple, in your pavilion there is a slot just above your USB port in front, use this to install the drive, on your Grey ribbon cable you will have the 40 pin plug in the near vicinity, after you have the drive secure with screws plug it in,,now to get power from the supply,,it is a female 4 slot connector, plug it in the back of the drive where the four prongs are, these will be nearest to you, they have numbers also, plug in P3 in your new drive the one in the( main drive has P4 on it) and the one on your top deck (CD player has P2 on it), see can't miss. Handle your new drive with care, don't handle any of the components, don't stand on carpet when doing this, (static electricity) could damage the drive or computer. Now that all this is done, put it back together and reboot and insert the CD that came with it, it will lead you through formatting the drive and getting to use it./This is the only part you need to know to get use of your new drive, the second part of this post is I installed a new "Primary" also./ Anyway my problem was that I had gotten a Seagate 160GB (used off e-bay) and did not think it would arrive, but when it did arrive,,well,,why not use it as the "Primary"? Add that's what I did, remember the software I got with the Western Digital I used it to copy my original 40GB over and then booted from the secondary "slave", o.k,,I also had the original (8) disks from hp, if you don't get these with the computer make them give you a set of them. After I booted from the "Secondary" I formatted the Seagate with the tools, gave me a warning but said go ahead so then I had the "Master formatted" copied the data back over and it asked if this was the master boot and I clicked yes,,that is when I restarted and ran the (8) recovery disks. You need these disks no matter what even if you don't change your drives, I got hp to give me a set free just after I got the computer, after formatting my Seagate with the program that came with the Western Digital, after saving what I needed I made the Seagate the "Primary" and ran these disks on start-up, you will see a screen that says no operating system, put in disk 1 and follow directions from there on, after you are done you will have your recovery partition (FAT 32)labeled Drive-E and the other partition on the drive will be labeled (C)system. You need the recovery because if things go haywire you can give it a recovery date prior and it will roll back system to that date. After formatting the "secondary" drive it showed me 149.05GB same with the other one (when both partitions where added together, but in the system it shows the 160GB. A quick way to find out what partitions are on your computer is to click on start, click on run, type in this; diskmgmt.msc and click o.k and disk management will come up and you can see how much space you have, click on the help and it will explain what you can do.
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