Genital Mutilation religion or tradition?

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In America we read this and say w.t.f are these idiots thinking, but like it or not some people really are this dumb. What is going on here is plain and utter abuse of the female in these heathen places, this is supposed to maintain chastity and honor or according to this article preserve it. I have read about this a lot on the web and I have read some horror stories to say the least but in Egypt a 13-year-old girl died because of this and needless to say it was a death that never should have happened, so I assume they think girls are just bad and are prone to wondering liaison's? A lot of this is going on in India also this is not an isolated case or an isolated country in promoting such heinous acts. I can't believe these idiots are calling it "circumcision" this is about as big a cop out by a bunch of idiots as I ever saw and by now a lot of you have figured out that I am referring to "genital mutilation" basically this practice is to harm young girls all in the name of religion and tradition.

For centuries Egyptian girls, usually between the ages of 7 and 13, have been taken to have the procedure done, sometimes by a doctor, sometimes by a barber or whoever else in the village would do it. As recently as 2005, a government health survey showed that 96 percent of the thousands of married, divorced or widowed women interviewed said they had undergone the procedure — a figure that astounds even many Egyptians. In the language of the survey, “The practice of female circumcision is virtually universal among women of reproductive age in Egypt.”

Another good story I found on this is from a woman who actually went through the procedure and how it ruined her life, the procedure was done to her when she was only four years old and also to an older sister this is an excerpt of her story; "Several years of therapy were needed before I could credit what my therapist was saying, that the circumcision was one of the causes of my problems. It took still more months for me to realise she was right." This lady tells a story about her road to recovery after this terrible thing was done to her, the blog is called A Changing Life and I would urge anyone to read it that want a little more insight in how it really affects it's victims and they are victims, whether we think of them as victims of culture, religion or tradition they are victims and are unable to defend themselves, they are innocent children.
A Changing Life
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