College Cost Reduction Act of 2007

Posted: 9/10/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

This bill passed the house (292-97) Harold Rogers Republican from Kentucky voted 'yes', thanks Harold. This bill passed the Senate (79-12), the two Republican Senators from Kentucky both voted against it, McConnell & Bunning were two of the twelve who voted against it. Want to know more about this bill? H.R. 2669,,, This bill will trim over $20 billion in federal subsidies to institutions that create student loans in order to increase financial aid to college students. Know where your representatives stand and get involved.
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  1. Hi floyd, I think I had better start trying some of the Templates offered by the service you are trying. It's about time that I get my site updated.

    In reference to this bill. I was very dissappointed in the Republican Party and the President last year when they put the weight of the high paying point of college on the student and relaxed and made the loan companies more abe to increase their profit off the avereage student.
    I have not reviewed this section of the new bill as yet, but will look into it.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey lets Talk, concerning the templates, there has been a lot said concerning not deleting your 'blogger widgets' I have two blogs so I copy all the widgets I want to save in the other blogs sidebar, if you have IE-7 or firefox you can open up two tabs side by side of your two blogs at the 'customize' then I copy the widgets I want to save to the other blog. Getting back to this bill, our so called representatives have gotten way a long time on corporate fed interests and lobbyists galore, by the way that is what Fred Thompson was before he thought of being President. Did you know that if you look at all these Republicans and where they stand on the issues that you will find that most if not all, are for tightening bankruptcy laws or against any kind of minimum wage hike, they are against all government programs to help people college or otherwise, most are pure corporate America all the way. Don't take my word for this, go to their sites and look at their voting records and what their agendas are. They get a lot of middle-class votes simply because of their stand on religion, which is also a mask, look at how many has been caught on immoral issues in the last couple years, that is the reason I said they use religion like a mask. Well you get the idea,soon I will write one heck of a post on the 'big' differences between the progressives and the neo-con.

  1. Whenever you write said post,(progressives and the neo-con)
    If you don't mind, I sure would like it, if you could cross post it on my site as well.

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  1. Floyd says:

    You are welcome my friend, I know you are like me when we say don't take our word simply look at how these guys vote and then make a decision, most middle-class vote for'em because of religion that is basically what they base their vote on. But we must dig deeper and see the "whole" picture and they are involved a lot more so than the other political groups in scandals and inflated budgets. I like their stand on guns, immigration and I like to see'em holding up religion and God, but I really can't vote for them if they do not help the lower middle-class tier on taxes, do nothing about health care, are against organized labor, are for restructuring chapter-7, I took a blood test last month for the normal cholesterol and uric acid in my blood, took about 3 minutes,,guess what the bill was? It was $468 bucks,,that was the price, health care needs overhauled in this country and the Republicans are not showing me anything about any real plan to accomplish this, I have listed a few things of their agenda, how could I with a clear head vote for them? Student loans are only the tip of the iceberg.