Barack Obama and Chris Dodd

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Barack Obama;

"It is long past time to end a war that never should have started. President Bush was wrong when he took us to war, he was wrong when he escalated this war in January, and he is wrong to stay the course now. I opposed this war from the beginning, I introduced legislation in January that would have already started to bring our troops home, and I will continue to lead the fight in the Senate for a fixed timeline with a deadline for the removal of all of our combat troops. The American people are not going to be fooled by the same false promises of success that got us into Iraq. Iraq's leaders are not making the political progress that was the stated purpose of the surge, but the President wants us to keep giving him a blank check. We must not continue the enormous sacrifice of our troops, our military readiness, our treasury, and our standing in the world just to keep the violence at the same unacceptable levels it was at in 2005 and 2006. That is why I have proposed an immediate and sustained removal of 1 to 2 combat brigades each month to conclude by the end of next year. We have to come together -- not as Republicans and Democrats -- but as Americans to turn the page in Iraq so that we can recapture our unity of purpose at home and our leadership around the world."

Chris Dodd;

"Moving us in 10 months to where we were 10 months ago is not progress. It is the very definition of status quo. "Not only is the President not offering us anything new; he's insulting our intelligence. "Despite the fact that his top General is unable to say that the war is making us safer, all the President offers today is quite literally more of the same. More loss of life, more strain on our military readiness, and more degradation of our national security and our standing in the world. It is time for Congress to say 'no more.' "What was clear to me before, and what should be abundantlyclear to my colleagues after today, is that this President is not going to change course unless we force him to. There is only one way to do that - we must set a clear, hard and fast deadline for redeployment and, in order to enforce it, that deadline must be tied to funding."

These are two of the best rebuttals I could find out there concerning this Iraq misadventure and in reaction to the 'Bush stay the course attitude', there are probably quite a few but these kind of stuck out for me. At any rate we are still embedded in the quagmire know as Iraq, the Iraq war has managed to accomplish a few things, it has cost billions of dollars, thousands of lives, succeeded in destroying the United States based on the image others see us at. Our diplomatic ability has been struck a mighty blow and the cost alone is robbing the U.S of spending money in our health care, education and the upkeep of 'our' infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and federal roads, I think we could find somewhere to spend all this money being wasted over there. Iraq will not be any better until it solves it's ongoing civil war and establishes a working government and spend money to improve it's infrastructure, the military can not accomplish this for the Iraqis, the Iraqis must be willing to change themselves. The government or the dysfunctional government in Iraq still depend largely upon bands of splintered militia and are loyal to them, you can't have a national government thinking along these lines. this mess will eventually be left to the next president whoever that will be to sort out, and from what I have heard if it is a Republican you will simply get more of our tax dollars poured into this cash cow.


  1. Octavian says:

    I agree completely. Just shifted the tense in which we talk about the Iraq war doesn't mean things are getting better. Eventually just saying things are better finally sounds like nonsense when faced with the facts.

  1. Floyd says:

    It really does when you think about it my friend, sounds like nonsense, I wonder if they think America is buying all the B.S they been shoveling?

  1. Floyd says:

    You know some have some good ideas about the war and what to do about it, for instance Obama and Dodd to name a couple, but these must be acted upon sometimes hard decisions have to be made Congress should take their chances and cut off funding it is as simple as that.

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  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for the invite, I'll check it out.

  1. Sally says:

    The more and more I hear from Chris Dodd the more I am intrigued by him. He seems to have good grasp on all of the issues... Still it is too early to say if one candidate stands above the rest!

  1. Floyd says:

    He does seem to have a lot of good ideas Sally, glad you stopped by and commented. Dodd seems to hold his own in the debates as well, he also is affiluated with the Leahy-Spector-Dodd amendment, I believe Dodd can span with different parties both Democratic and Republican. This is an amendment to restore habeas corpus. He really is no light-weight when it comes to getting things done and has a proven record of actually trying to make a difference, he is kind of low in the polls but this guy would make an excellent choice, thanks again for dropping by.