Install a bigger hard-drive in hp pavilion a705w the easy way

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First I have had this computer a few years it is a hp pavilion a705w running windows XP Home Edition on it, problem is the thing came with only 256MB of memory and a 40GB hard drive, a computer guy I know worked on it and put in a bigger power supply and put in another stick of memory, if you look in the back you see two thumb screws, loosen those and slide the side back and off, best of my memory you will see the stick of 256MB of memory or at least that was what was in mine, with the tower setting up-right in normal position the memory will be sitting in a vertical position, labeled DDR-1,DDR-2,,the 2 slot will be empty. In the empty slot I added 512MB SD Ram(SDR)(DDR PC-2700 memory), would have replaced the other one but did not have it at the time.The hard drive you use must be an EIDE hard drive, I got mine at wal-mart, it is;

Western Digital WD Caviar SE 7200 RPM (EIDE) There is software that comes with it to help you install the new drive and format it, it has added software on the CD if you wish to install Google Toolbar, Google Desktop and Picasa.
This one I got already had the jumper on the correct pins CS (cable-select)this is the default setting for WD EIDE hard drives if you get this drive read the instructions it is fairly simple, in your pavilion there is a slot just above your USB port in front, use this to install the drive, on your Grey ribbon cable you will have the 40 pin plug in the near vicinity, after you have the drive secure with screws plug it in,,now to get power from the supply,,it is a female 4 slot connector, plug it in the back of the drive where the four prongs are, these will be nearest to you, they have numbers also, plug in P3 in your new drive the one in the( main drive has P4 on it) and the one on your top deck (CD player has P2 on it), see can't miss. Handle your new drive with care, don't handle any of the components, don't stand on carpet when doing this, (static electricity) could damage the drive or computer. Now that all this is done, put it back together and reboot and insert the CD that came with it, it will lead you through formatting the drive and getting to use it./This is the only part you need to know to get use of your new drive, the second part of this post is I installed a new "Primary" also./ Anyway my problem was that I had gotten a Seagate 160GB (used off e-bay) and did not think it would arrive, but when it did arrive,,well,,why not use it as the "Primary"? Add that's what I did, remember the software I got with the Western Digital I used it to copy my original 40GB over and then booted from the secondary "slave", o.k,,I also had the original (8) disks from hp, if you don't get these with the computer make them give you a set of them. After I booted from the "Secondary" I formatted the Seagate with the tools, gave me a warning but said go ahead so then I had the "Master formatted" copied the data back over and it asked if this was the master boot and I clicked yes,,that is when I restarted and ran the (8) recovery disks. You need these disks no matter what even if you don't change your drives, I got hp to give me a set free just after I got the computer, after formatting my Seagate with the program that came with the Western Digital, after saving what I needed I made the Seagate the "Primary" and ran these disks on start-up, you will see a screen that says no operating system, put in disk 1 and follow directions from there on, after you are done you will have your recovery partition (FAT 32)labeled Drive-E and the other partition on the drive will be labeled (C)system. You need the recovery because if things go haywire you can give it a recovery date prior and it will roll back system to that date. After formatting the "secondary" drive it showed me 149.05GB same with the other one (when both partitions where added together, but in the system it shows the 160GB. A quick way to find out what partitions are on your computer is to click on start, click on run, type in this; diskmgmt.msc and click o.k and disk management will come up and you can see how much space you have, click on the help and it will explain what you can do.
PC-2700 512MB Photo
Wal-Mart Western Digital 160GB EIDE hard drive
Guide with pictures other reading
PC Mechanic
Partition Logic
hp recovery disks 8 disks
Link in this Blog

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Another good free program

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I have not posted some good free tools to use lately so here is what I have found useful,,one is Paint.NET you can do many things with photos or page headers if you are interested. You can re size from this program add special effects, and much more with this little freebie, you can even add layers with this program, special effects and things you would only find on programs that would cost you a few dollars.

You do need to have the .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0, but don't worry that is free also, what I am running is Windows XP and upon checking (Add or Remove programs) I only had the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, so I downloaded the 3.0 with this Paint .NET link below it will have the link you can click on to get it don't be in any hurry if you have dial-up takes a long time, but mine installed without any trouble, but if you have any other versions such as such as beta builds of the NET Framework they will have to be uninstalled, but like me if you just have the 1.1 don't worry about it. You will need Service Pack-2 also. If you mess around with photos try this one out, I have found it most useful.
Windows XP SP-2
Paint.NET download

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Condi said what?

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US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said climate change is a real problem, and world leaders should forge a new global consensus on tackling it. Condi went on to say; At the talks in Washington, Ms Rice said: "Though united by common goals and collective responsibility, all nations should tackle climate change in the ways they deem best." She challenged leaders to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by moving toward energy sources that would reduce global warming - but without harming their economies. So,,any thing goes so long as you don't hurt the economy? Condi is part of the worst administration maybe in history on the environment but the statement in itself is vague because when it comes to the environment the record speaks for itself. Here is a link below to the NRDC who maintains the record from 2001-2005 on Bush policies affecting the environment. A poll posted in the Houston Chronicle showed that Americans do not buy the improving the environment speech, Only about one in five voiced approval of how President Bush, Congress and U.S. businesses have been handling the environment. And while decisive majorities said they want strong public and private action, fewer than one in 10 said they had seen such steps in the past year, according to the poll by The Associated Press and Stanford University's Woods Institute for the Environment. Nearly six in 10 Republicans said there would be serious problems if global warming is not addressed, and more of them said the environment is worse than a decade ago — and will be even worse in 10 years — than saw improvements. Found a need blog out in the blogosphere with some interesting numbers and how if we could put those numbers to work we could improve a lot of things here at home including the environment;Every day George Bush and the Republican run Pentagon spends $720 million on the falsely justified, failing and futile occupation of Iraq. That is $500,000 every minute. Money that could EVERY DAY buy homes for almost 6,500 families or could outfit 1.27 million homes with renewable electricity or health care for 423,529 children. Pulled this from an article on Delaware watch. BBC NEWS | Americas | US urges climate change consensus NRDC Houston Chronicle Delaware Watch [+/-] show/hide This Post

Gates asks for $42 billion more

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Gates asks for $42 billion dollars more to carry on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which brings the current total for 2008 to $189 billion give or take a few billion. $11 billion is to purchase these (MRAP)Vehicles, it is for an additional 7,000 of these vehicle's as best I can tell they are talking about the Cougar, take a look at the photo's of this war machine. From what I have read these vehicle's have some hefty armor plate and should protect the troops much, much, better than the hummers so widely used.

From what I have read this is one beautiful war machine to say the least, however the price tag is hefty it should be able to save lives of our soldiers and that is the main thing. The protection of our troops is priceless you just can't put a price on that and they did not ask to be put in the situation they are in right now, now that they are there and looks like awhile longer to say the least we owe then the protection they deserve, just think of how many lives these could have saved if we implemented this in the beginning.
As Gates made a plea for more money he also emphasized that we need a small force in Iraq indefinitely, in other words stay and stay, but maybe just maybe after this election we can start putting this screw-up behind us. A transcript that surfaced Wednesday states that; US President George W. Bush threatened nations with retaliation if they did not vote for a UN resolution backing the Iraq war, according to a transcript published Wednesday of a conversation he had with former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar. The White House did not challenge the accuracy of the transcript, with national security spokesman Gordon Johndroe declining to comment.
USA Today
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected

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Blogger quick change style sheet

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This is how I did a quick change to blogger without messing around with the widgets, I simply left them in place,,,

What I did was just change the style sheet I changed everything above the


and left the bottom part in place, never tested it with a 2 column only a 3 because that is what I had, this way you can retain all your widgets and change the whole look of your blog. Now if you have code like I do inside the style sheet you would of course have to add it back in, but it cuts down on the job so to speak. This expand post I got off of Google Blogger help Groups, the javascript goes just above the


of your template and the two lines of code goes in the style sheet of your page. The last of the code could be put in your formatting, in blogger just click on settings and click on formatting go to the bottom and you will see a little window (post template) paste that code there and save, that way when you are posting you will always see it in the create post area, click on Edit Html in your create post area and you can see the code and where to write your post. Where you see the id_for_this_article what goes there is anything you want but only use it once, if you use it more than once, everywhere you used the same id it will open those up also. Do not try this unless you are comfortable, and if possible make a test blog somewhere and try whatever you want on it. One other thing you can make the show/hide this post anything you want and it will show up. Note where you see the id_for_this_article when you make your post you will see it where you want your summary to end and the hid part begin, then at the end where your show/hide is it will ask for it in this code, make sure both of those id's are the same and it should work. Other hacks on this blog (at this time) are from Hackosphere and Phydeaux3 their links can be found in the sidebar hacks and tech links.(Hakosphere is the comments and Phydeaux3 is the labels and archive calender hack.)

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Giuliani's Rhetoric

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Listen to Giuliani on the campaign trail and in the forefront you will hear him say how tough you have to be on terrorism to put things in perspective what did he say on 9/11? Asked on the day of the attacks whether they constituted an "act ofwar," he said, "I don't know that I want to use those words. . . . I'm totally confident that American democracy and the American rule of law
will prevail." This article will take you through his early years and how his rhetoric changed after starting to run for president, Hauer, the former emergency commissioner, said he does not know what to make of the rhetorical shift. In the 1990s, Giuliani "wanted to play the threat down," he said. "Rudy felt like talking about [terrorism] was alarmist. He never talked about it except in reaction to something.Now he's screaming that the sky is falling."

Giuliani portrays himself as the best candidate to fight terrorism and boasts not only is he a strong leader in a crisis but someone who was well aware of the terrorists threats long before 9/11, however his record seems not to bare this out. Other rhetoric in Rudy's white list is abortion, which you might say he was for it until he was against it, and it brought high criticism in New York earlier this month when a branch of St.Vincent Catholic Medical Centers named one of their new buildings after him, none other than the trauma center at St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan. Bishop DiMarzio was not aware of the naming of the trauma center until he read about it in the newspapers and a spokesman for DiMarzio had this to say;"While he recognized what Rudy Giuliani did for the trauma unit," Mr.DeRosa said, "he clearly disagrees with and is disappointed with Giuliani's pro-choice position."
But in 1999 Giuliani was quite clear on his position of abortion; "“I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-gay rights,” Giuliani said. He was then asked whether he supports a ban on what critics callpartial-birth abortions.“No, I have not supported that, and I don’t see my position on that
changing,” he responded. So by examining Rudy a little closer we can clearly see that his rhetoric does not match his actual stand on the issues, and let us take a closer look at his attitude on terrorism and see where that takes us; Jerome Hauer, New York's emergency management director from 1996 to 2000, said Mr Giuliani was closely involved in locating the city's crisis control room in the World Trade Center complex, even though it was a known terrorist target after the 1993 truck bomb attack which killed six people at the site.The location proved disastrous in 2001 as the building was set ablaze in the collapse of the adjoining twin towers. Rudy was instrumental in locating New York's crisis control room in the World Trade Center complex, fully knowing it was a "known" terrorist target. On the campaign trail Rudy keeps talking how tough he is on terrorism but a closer look at Rudy tells us this might just be rhetoric.

Washington Post
New York Times
Rudy in 1999 (abortion stance)

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The mushroom cloud

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A famous quote not so long ago when mustering up support for the Iraq war is when president Bush said;"Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof -- the smoking gun -- that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud." Zbigniew Brzezinski a former National Security Adviser giving intake on the statements concerning Iran to that of statements made drumming up the war with Iraq. Brzezinski further stated a diapproval for the statements concerning Iran seeking nuclear weapons; "When the president flatly asserts they are seeking nuclear weapons,
he's overstating the facts," he said. "We are suspicious, we have
strong suspicions, but we don't have facts that they are." Brzezinski also said that Iran would probably have the capability to make nuclear weapons within 2 to 3 years.

CNN Politics

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Talking up Iran

Posted: 9/21/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

This article I grabbed from the Telegraph, the headlines read: Bush setting America up for war with Iran, that is scary indeed. Many senior operatives within the CIA are highly critical of Mr Bush's handling of the Iraq war, though they themselves are considered ineffective and unreliable by hardliners close to Mr Cheney. Sources apparently also told the Telegraph that Bush promised Condi Rice that he would consult with Congress and representatives of both parties before any military action against Iran, under the understanding that Rice would resign if this did not happen.

Tehran held a big parade on Saturday to show off it's military might and to belittle the embargo placed on it, some trucks carrying missiles were painted in the back with slogans attacking both the U.S and Israel,,Threats and economic sanctions will not stop Iran's technological progress, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Saturday at a large parade featuring fighter jets and radar-avoiding missiles designed to show off the country's military might. "Those (countries) who assume that decaying methods such as psychological war, political propaganda and the so-called economic sanctions would work and prevent Iran's fast drive toward progress are mistaken," Ahmadinejad said at the parade.
The Telegraph
USA Today

Genital Mutilation religion or tradition?

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In America we read this and say w.t.f are these idiots thinking, but like it or not some people really are this dumb. What is going on here is plain and utter abuse of the female in these heathen places, this is supposed to maintain chastity and honor or according to this article preserve it. I have read about this a lot on the web and I have read some horror stories to say the least but in Egypt a 13-year-old girl died because of this and needless to say it was a death that never should have happened, so I assume they think girls are just bad and are prone to wondering liaison's? A lot of this is going on in India also this is not an isolated case or an isolated country in promoting such heinous acts. I can't believe these idiots are calling it "circumcision" this is about as big a cop out by a bunch of idiots as I ever saw and by now a lot of you have figured out that I am referring to "genital mutilation" basically this practice is to harm young girls all in the name of religion and tradition.

For centuries Egyptian girls, usually between the ages of 7 and 13, have been taken to have the procedure done, sometimes by a doctor, sometimes by a barber or whoever else in the village would do it. As recently as 2005, a government health survey showed that 96 percent of the thousands of married, divorced or widowed women interviewed said they had undergone the procedure — a figure that astounds even many Egyptians. In the language of the survey, “The practice of female circumcision is virtually universal among women of reproductive age in Egypt.”

Another good story I found on this is from a woman who actually went through the procedure and how it ruined her life, the procedure was done to her when she was only four years old and also to an older sister this is an excerpt of her story; "Several years of therapy were needed before I could credit what my therapist was saying, that the circumcision was one of the causes of my problems. It took still more months for me to realise she was right." This lady tells a story about her road to recovery after this terrible thing was done to her, the blog is called A Changing Life and I would urge anyone to read it that want a little more insight in how it really affects it's victims and they are victims, whether we think of them as victims of culture, religion or tradition they are victims and are unable to defend themselves, they are innocent children.
A Changing Life
In Egypt, a Rising Push Against Genital Cutting - New York Times
Sierra Leone
Genital mutilation linked to Aids

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Blackwater In Hot Water

Posted: 9/18/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Iraqi authorities have moved to cancel the license of the American security company Blackwater USA the guards are accused of shooting to death eight civilians while it was guarding a U.S. State Department motorcade. Apparently there are about 20,000 of these private contractors operating in Iraq, the contractors have predicted that Iraqi officials would not carry through on the threat. What strikes me as odd is that the security companies 'expert' Peter Singer said the case posed a sticky dilemma for the Americans and his general take on the matter was simply this; "Do we turn over American citizens to an Iraqi judicial system that is inept, corrupt and now politicized?" Not much confidence in the fledgling democracy there Mr. Singer? How America last heard it we were making tremendous strides. Private security makes between $650/$1000 a day, even Petraeus himself has been guarded by these well paid security.

The Nation has a good article on Blackwater concerning the four contractors who ended up getting lost back in 2004 in Falluja and were ambushed, several armed men approached from behind and opened fire. These were the disgusting scenes flashed on our television sets and gruesome mutilation of the bodies after death, these were to become a disgusting hatred of the situation and feeling powerless to do anything about it, but yet still glued to our sets and not really believing our eyes, the story does not end in Falluja, it is still being fought here in the homeland, Blackwater is in a lawsuit for the wrongful deaths of Stephen "Scott" Helvenston, Mike Teague, Jerko Zovko and Wesley Batalona by the families of the ones who were slain. Scott's mother said he viewed the opportunity to turn his life around, he was divorced but continued to support his wife and kids and the company offered short-term contracts, that is why he chose Blackwater she said.
The Nation
Chicago Tribune
Within Reason

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Neat little smiley hack

Posted: 9/15/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Over at Deepak blog I found a neat little hack it was posted January 8th, if you have greasemonkey it gives a little code that when you comment on blogger in the comment window it shows smileys and a little hyperlink button also, but apparently the blog you are commenting on has to have the hack or it will only show up as text, a little draw back but it is a neat little hack to have in greasemonkey. It does seem the little hyperlink would work but have not tried it yet, it would make links easier in the comment area.

Barack Obama and Chris Dodd

Posted: 9/14/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Barack Obama;

"It is long past time to end a war that never should have started. President Bush was wrong when he took us to war, he was wrong when he escalated this war in January, and he is wrong to stay the course now. I opposed this war from the beginning, I introduced legislation in January that would have already started to bring our troops home, and I will continue to lead the fight in the Senate for a fixed timeline with a deadline for the removal of all of our combat troops. The American people are not going to be fooled by the same false promises of success that got us into Iraq. Iraq's leaders are not making the political progress that was the stated purpose of the surge, but the President wants us to keep giving him a blank check. We must not continue the enormous sacrifice of our troops, our military readiness, our treasury, and our standing in the world just to keep the violence at the same unacceptable levels it was at in 2005 and 2006. That is why I have proposed an immediate and sustained removal of 1 to 2 combat brigades each month to conclude by the end of next year. We have to come together -- not as Republicans and Democrats -- but as Americans to turn the page in Iraq so that we can recapture our unity of purpose at home and our leadership around the world."

Chris Dodd;

"Moving us in 10 months to where we were 10 months ago is not progress. It is the very definition of status quo. "Not only is the President not offering us anything new; he's insulting our intelligence. "Despite the fact that his top General is unable to say that the war is making us safer, all the President offers today is quite literally more of the same. More loss of life, more strain on our military readiness, and more degradation of our national security and our standing in the world. It is time for Congress to say 'no more.' "What was clear to me before, and what should be abundantlyclear to my colleagues after today, is that this President is not going to change course unless we force him to. There is only one way to do that - we must set a clear, hard and fast deadline for redeployment and, in order to enforce it, that deadline must be tied to funding."

These are two of the best rebuttals I could find out there concerning this Iraq misadventure and in reaction to the 'Bush stay the course attitude', there are probably quite a few but these kind of stuck out for me. At any rate we are still embedded in the quagmire know as Iraq, the Iraq war has managed to accomplish a few things, it has cost billions of dollars, thousands of lives, succeeded in destroying the United States based on the image others see us at. Our diplomatic ability has been struck a mighty blow and the cost alone is robbing the U.S of spending money in our health care, education and the upkeep of 'our' infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and federal roads, I think we could find somewhere to spend all this money being wasted over there. Iraq will not be any better until it solves it's ongoing civil war and establishes a working government and spend money to improve it's infrastructure, the military can not accomplish this for the Iraqis, the Iraqis must be willing to change themselves. The government or the dysfunctional government in Iraq still depend largely upon bands of splintered militia and are loyal to them, you can't have a national government thinking along these lines. this mess will eventually be left to the next president whoever that will be to sort out, and from what I have heard if it is a Republican you will simply get more of our tax dollars poured into this cash cow.

Petraeus and Fallon

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According to Pentagon sources familiar with the reports of a meeting apparently Admiral William Fallon who happens to be Petraeus superior doesn't think much of his subordinate Petraeus, during their first meeting in March in Baghdad derided Petraeus as a sycophant and told Petraeus he considered him to be "an ass-kissing little chicken shit" man them is some strong words.

The conflict between Fallon and Petraeus over Iraq came to a head in
early September. According to the Post story, Fallon expressed views on
Iraq that were sharply at odds with those of Petraeus in a three-way
conversation with Bush on Iraq the previous weekend. Petraeus argued
for keeping as many troops in Iraq for as long as possible to cement
any security progress, but Fallon argued that a strategic withdrawal
from Iraq was necessary to have sufficient forces to deal with other
potential threats in the region.

Read more at; IPS News

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Al-Qaida Revived

Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

Al-Qaida has revived, extended its influence, and has the capacity to
carry out a spectacular strike similar to the September 11 attacks on
America, one of the world's leading security thinktanks warned
yesterday.There is increasing evidence "that 'core' al-Qaida is
proving adaptable and resilient, and has retained an ability to plan
and coordinate large-scale attacks in the western world despite the
attrition it has suffered", said the London-based International
Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). "The threat from Islamist
terrorism remains as high as ever, and looks set to get worse," it

According to the article Iran could have a nuclear weapon by 2009 or 2010, sighting the serious doubts about Nuri al-Maliki and his shortcomings and listed the plot in Germany that was recently foiled and last years plot in Britain showed how al-Qaida had an ambition to carry out massive attacks while strengthening their position in north-west Pakistan.
The institute's assessment of the terrorist threat reflects that of MI5
and MI6. There are 2,000 individuals engaged in 30 terrorist plots in
200 networks, according to British security and intelligence officials.
They said earlier this year that al-Qaida had begun to regroup and that
Britain was a prime target.
Warning from a leading think tank

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Surge-2 (The Nation)

Posted: 9/11/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile politely asked George W.
Bush on the tarmac in Sydney what he saw during his stopover in Iraq.
"We're kicking ass," our chipper President replied. So, after four long
years since his memorable words of "bring 'em on" and "mission
accomplished," the President continues on his own merry course.

Bush returns to direct the national "debate" on the progress of his
"surge" strategy in Iraq, which features reports by Gen. David Petraeus
and Ambassador Ryan Crocker. The President is already kicking some ass,
but on his own political turf. The White House, we know, has been
engaged in the preparation of the Petraeus and Crocker reports. Can
there be any surprises? We have formal Congressional hearings, but they
promise little in the way of real inquiry--or real opposition. After
the testimony, the President will address the nation and, once again,
put his imprimatur on "the course." Bush is engaged: He has the
microphone and the national stage.

As Bush expands Petraeus's role and strategy, Congress will find it
difficult to challenge, let alone oppose, the mountain of authority the
President is erecting.
Read more on; The Nation
Petraeus trying hard to paint a rosy picture in Iraq is better situated in facts and the fact is only a few of the benchmarks were ever achieved by the surge, the political situation seems basically at a standstill and by drawing down troops by next spring is nothing new as experts have said we can only maintain this level until then. As far back as May Petraeus said he would not have anything 'definitive' in September and he got that right there was nothing more definitive except more of the same, meanwhile the man who masterminded the 9/11 attack is still on the lam and making videos. I would imagine if you keep dismissing generals you are bound to get one sooner or later who agrees with you.
Read more on; The Raw Story

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College Cost Reduction Act of 2007

Posted: 9/10/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

This bill passed the house (292-97) Harold Rogers Republican from Kentucky voted 'yes', thanks Harold. This bill passed the Senate (79-12), the two Republican Senators from Kentucky both voted against it, McConnell & Bunning were two of the twelve who voted against it. Want to know more about this bill? H.R. 2669,,, This bill will trim over $20 billion in federal subsidies to institutions that create student loans in order to increase financial aid to college students. Know where your representatives stand and get involved.
Congress dot org

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We need to fill jobs 'Americans don't want'

Posted: 9/09/2007 by Floyd in Labels:


Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

They have to be free right? Here is one free one called easycropper and it is a simple tool to crop images and photos for web use without opening up a bunch of programs simply get started by uploading an image you want to crop and go from there.

Another little gem is called fichey and it has a little floating player that sits on top of the page and allows you to search and navigate the web, search from,Digg,Downfly,Google News,Reddit and Stumbleupon. If you have a slow connection it takes a little longer to get started but is kind of a neat way to check things out on the web.

Ever wanted to extract multiple archives quickly and easily? Then this little free utility is for you it has a drag and drop feature, I have used this and tried it out and it does work good I use it to open RAR files mostly. It is a 1MB file to download at this site called Extract Now, the download link is at the bottom of the page.
Supports files,,ZIP,RAR,ISO,BIN,IMA,IMZ,7Z,ACE,JAR,GZ,LZH,LHA,RAR,SIT archive formats.

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Judge Voids F.B.I Tool

Posted: 9/07/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A federal judge has struck down parts of the revised USA Patriot Act that authorized the F.B.I to use informal secret demands called national security letters to compel companies to provide customer records. The in short would have allowed the F.B.I to force communication companies including telephone and Internet providers, to turn over records without court authorization. But it went further to actually forbid the companies to tell customers what was going on, the judge ruled the measure violated the First Amendment and separation of powers guarantee. The identity of the Internet service provider that brougt this case remains secret, the judge also pointed to the Supreme Court's decision endorsing the interment of Japanese-Americans during the second World War and racially segregated railroad cars in the 19th century,,quote; “The only thing left of the judiciary’s function for those Americans in that experience,” he wrote, “was a symbolic act: to sing a requiem and lower the flag on the Bill of Rights.”
New York Times

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McConnell & The War

Posted: 9/06/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

A new T.V is launched in Lexington and Louisville targeting Mitch McConnell stand on the war in Iraq, it has 10 and 12 year olds dressed in fatigues doing jumping jacks, push-ups and other military exercises. It also shows where Mitch voted against bringing the troops home six times and voted to 'waste' $450 billion dollars not on health care or education, but on an endless civil war which has had Iraq in it's grip since February of last year. According to McConnell's chief of staff he is waiting on the report due out this month by the commander in Iraq and you have read as well as I the 'leaked' information concerning this and only a couple of the benchmarks have been met and to what degree that is remains a mystery. This war has been going on for years now and no one is going to go over there a few months and give us any assessment of what is going on, if Iraq is making such progress why isn't the media over there covering stories? just days ago a plane carrying lawmakers from Iraq had to dodge RPG's being fired from the ground at them.
Pol Watchers

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Fox responds to Cheney

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Following the revelation that Cheney has ordered top neo-con media outlets to start spitting out a PR blitz to sell a war with Iran, Fox News has happily jumped on the band-wagon with two prime time slots devoted to warmongering. It really has begun with Fox & Fiends and Hannity & Colmes shows devoting segments to discussions on attacking Iran. Now in fairness this seems to be the same PR push leading up the mess we are in now, this article was written by infowars and has already 147 diggs and 36 to reddit so far. Infowars has it right by saying it mirrors exactly what happened in late 2002. This article is also linked to another great article in the London Times which talks about massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets and as we think back to the previous speech in which Bush warned Tehran of putting the Middle East under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust, Israel is also much in the thick of it and has made preparations of its own. The spin begins.
London Times

Senator Craig having second thoughts?

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The G.O.P Senator who has pleaded guilty is saying now he may have second thoughts about resigning his position as Senator from Idaho, a spokesman for Craig said that Craig had not ruled out the possibility of reversing himself. This is not shaping up to looking anyway good, I mean you have an image to live up to when you are in this group and I know a lot are in the group that has never been caught for their conduct but, Craig happens to be the one who has been caught and it is kind of late in the game for recanting, Craig was embolden to fight for his rather good paying job by Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. The other Senators who are not as enthusiastic to embrace Craig just yet may be doing the right thing, because it is very simple if he does not resign all that means is more media coverage that the G.O.P does not need at this time in the game and on Tuesday the Senate Republicans had thought that the matter was concluded, apparently McConnell said that we would have a new senator from Idaho and they would move on and it would be the smart thing to do and keep everything out of the lime light so to speak and I would venture to say that the policeman had a good cause to run Craig in that day so it would not look good at all to mottle this thing through the press and the spin machine. As the case against Craig unfolded he after pleading 'guilty' was fined $500 and placed on unsupervised probation for one year and see the word above the guy pleaded guilty and there in opens Pandora's box for Republicans and a long drawn out media blitz is the last thing they need right now. A top Republican aide was quoted in the times as saying; “The people of Idaho and the rest of America were led to believe Senator Craig would resign,” said the aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “To go back on that intent means that he will only be a
negative distraction for his colleagues. Like a fish out of water, he
is gasping for his last breath of political air.” What they really want is this thing to slip into oblivion and move on.
International Herald Tribune
The New York Times

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Mexico Trucks Roll Into U.S

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The Bush administration can proceed to open U.S borders to the long haul Mexican trucks, an appeals court has blocked an appeal by labor, consumer and environmental interests to block this. The administration eager to comply plans to start the program on September 6, the argument from the Transportation Department claims that the direct shipments will benefit us the consumers. This is nothing more than B.S, the only people this will help is the big corporations who will get their goods delivered for a song and dance and labor and the consumer will get the shaft. You know who will take the hit? the American truckers who are transporting these good right now that's who and for these guys to insinuate that somehow this 'cheap' trucking will be passed along to the average American consumer is a bunch of bull, in 1994 when this NAFTA was going strong the approval of broader access for ground shipment was approved,,however, the Clinton administration never complied with the trucking provision. Mexican truckers roll into U.S Technorati Tags: , , ,

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