Voting machines in the news again

Posted: 8/04/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

The secretary of the state of California has issued tough new security measures since it came out earlier of the many flaws seen in the machines and their ease of being hacked, the state will still allow Diebold and Sequoia voting machines but more stricter conditions will have to be met, like reinstalling the software and firmware and reset the encryption keys. This is a step in the right direction but the flaws that these machines exhibit should be troubling to every voter out there, the system needs replaced by better technology. We have to have access to better technology on these voting machines to feel safe about the vote we cast, you can't end up putting a band-aid on the problem hoping it will go away. It has been proved time and again the problems that are existing with these voting machines and until the American people make enough noise it will be business as usual.
The reason this is all taking place is due to the tests performed on the machines from a non-biased study panel. A group sanctioned by the state of California have just 'hacked' their way through just about every voting machine certified by the state of California. This should put our minds more at ease during this election cycle, remember these are the machines that we have known for a long time have many vulnerabilities and yet after the election is over we forget all about these problems until it is election time again. You will find in this blog some good reading on the voting aspect of America and how easily this can take place and really we don't know if it hasn't already.
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