Union to sue for jobs legal Americans don't want

Posted: 8/17/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

This is the story of the raid that took place back in December of last year, what happened was immigration officials raided these plants collecting illegals and deporting them, a spokesman for ICE, said the raids on the six plants were done legally and with civil search warrants. The authority given immigration officials were to question the legality of aliens. The raids snared about 1,300 workers for alleged fake identifications and immigration violations and of those arrested in the raids 649 of them were deported and 274 were criminally charged with identity theft and other immigration violations.
Now we can look at this any way we want, violation of rights vs the government doing it's job and should do more, the key word here is UNION and that is a very interesting and a good key word. When talking about illegals you always here the blah, blah news stating that the illegal immigrant is doing jobs that the average American 'will not' do and this is why I sometimes come down on the media so hard because,,it's bogus plain and simple, do you know what the average union meat-packer gets in this country? Well it is at the figure of close, very close, to $26,000 dollars a year. The union gets you paid holidays and most get you double time on Sundays in other words the 'average' person who works for these places is making close to $12.50 an hour without any overtime of course, the figure would then increase. Of course the figure is debatable but you get the picture, it would vary from what contract you are working under could be more could be less and in Union contracts the wages vary also and some words coming out on the web put this particular plant in the neighborhood of $18.00 an hour and union plants tend to have better health coverage also than others do,,,so, is this is jobs the average 'legal' citizen would not do? I am not buying it. After the raid took place it is also noted that the wages increased and it is also noted that the line to fill those jobs was backed out the door and these are jobs the the average legal American will not do,,imagine that.
Union charges rights violations
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