Mike Huckabee on the Clintons

Posted: 8/19/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

"The second thing, and this'll really wrangle, again, some of my Republican colleagues. Bill Clinton and Hillary went through some horrible experiences in their marriage, because of some of the reckless behavior that he has admitted he had. I'm not defending him on that — it's indefensible. But they kept their marriage together. And a lot of the Republicans who have condemned them, and who talk about their platform of family values, interestingly didn't keep their own families together."
I knew this guy sounded the best during the previous debate (GOP) this guy is straight forward and as about as conservative as it gets, there is not one ounce of liberal in this candidate for president and if you know the issues Mike is relishing in then you know where I'm coming from. Incidentally Huckabee came in second in the Iowa straw poll right behind Mitt Romney and look at the differences in money raised Huckabee at $1.3 million and Romney at $44.4 million that is quite a difference to come in second and as you can see from my second link that Huckabee's Baptist roots come out quite a bit and his background as a minister of the Baptist faith, well that is quite conservative.
If you break down what he is saying pure and simple is that those who are most critical of the Clinton's have their own skeletons in the closets, but on abortion Huckabee is of course against it but back in 2001 he had a somewhat different view and accepted it as mandated law, also would restrict chapter-7, and on health care made this statement; Dems want government in charge; GOP want consumers in charge, now think about this can we as the consumer bargain with the medical industry? These are only 'some' of the issues where I differ so much from the conservative, well I don't want to get to critical you guys will say I'm to liberal,,,you wouldn't say that would you? lolquestion
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  1. I agree with everything you said floyd, I guess that makes me too liberal as well.

  1. Octavian says:

    Huckabee is definitely not WITHIN REASON. He doesn't even believe evolution takes place.

    Someone with that much disregard for obvious facts doesn't deserve to be trusted at a daycare, much less as president.

    In my humble opinion of course.

  1. Floyd says:

    I like that one octavian, I am glad to see you around. You are right but when I heard him standing up for Bill and Hillary I had to blog it, he is about as neocon right as it gets. After they stand up for this war like they do it just gets me, the boots on the ground know better than anyone and the most believe this is a mess, I mean they stand up for being there and for doing their duty it is just that most see this for what it is and that is a big mess most do not trust any Iraqis over there and of course most know the Iraqi government is a shambles, this is what the extreme right believe and that is we stay there indefinitely and that is what's bad. They henge everything on this September report, and you know as well as I if it is bad we will stay there anyway, that is not even mentioning that 50% of Americans do not even believe the report will be accurate, like you say this guy is in that bunch I am beginning to believe all of the right are in that bunch. What it comes down to is if you want to stay in Iraq vote for the GOP and if you want to leave vote for the Democrat, that is about as black and white as I see it.