Karl Rove has become a nobody

Posted: 8/15/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A man who Bush and his cronies held up as the election guru has basically become a nobody with the higher ups now or as I scan the many articles on the web that is the way it looks like it is shaping up to me. Take the article in the L.A Times as one White House official referred to Rove as having started "ice-cream Fridays", This was Bush's close friend and the juggernaut of the GOP machine and actually Rove was a legendary strategist and played a big role in getting Bush elected in the first place. Spokeswoman Dana Perino insisted that the whole thing has been a 'team' effort as they try and downplay Rove's job duties. Also in times article conservative Grover Norquist said that it would be unwise for White House officials to put to much importance on Rove's departure. First of all we all know what kind of role Rove played in politics and I don't claim to be a guru of politics and even I can see into that, so is this where they think Americans are dumb again?

Rove is still in the middle of the storm so to speak concerning the firings of U.S. attorneys which may have been politically motivated, Rove leaving his post will not excuse him from testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and it is alleged that the firings might have been orchestrated by Karl Rove. In two related firings it appears that cases were being brought which could have influenced state elections and one case pointed out by Leahy was a case in Missouri which was obviously designed to hurt Democratic candidates.
Rove was dubbed by some reporters "Bush's Brain" to which Karl took offense to and Bush himself called Rove the "boy genius" with Rove's help Bush elevated up to the governor of Texas and president within 10 years and Bush later re-elected again to the presidency for a second term, Rove's biographer Lou Dubose once said of Rove; "I think it's an enormous position of power, and it's hard to overstate. I think he's unique in the modern presidency." But then again in the early years Rove was king of the political spectrum and Bush rode the light all the way to the oval office. Rove was brought back into reality in last November's election when the GOP took a major hit, even though Rove played the tactics to the hilt, by saying "you're entitled to your math and I'm entitled to "the" math, things just did not materialize and the GOP went down like a train wreck. Judging from what I watched in Rove interviews he seemed to be a master of manipulation and using physiology to his advantage and even on election eve last year Rove continued to believe he had this one beat, which goes to prove,,you can fool some people some of time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
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  1. you are right...totally ...a wreck....

  1. Floyd says:

    What got me on all this was that they want to act like Karl was just practically a nobody, to think that we actually buy this would be like buying ocean front property in Arizona...Hey I just remembered a guy named George song a song to that affect. Ole Karl went to the well once to often back last year, but Karl also done quite a bit of election genius helping Bush become governor and then the presidency. I am waiting for Rove to write a book, the best might be yet to come.