Idaho Senator another one did nothing wrong

Posted: 8/28/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

I blogged about all the self righteous stuff going on before with these Senators who get caught, well, here is another one to add to the list he got caught, admitted a plea and then recanted. Larry Craig from Idaho is the most recent one to admit wrong doing and then come out with some justification of it and recently this one was also helping old Mitt out with his campaign. He did apologize to Idahoans for the cloud he brought over the state and then claimed that if he plead guilty that maybe it would all go away, come on Senator we know you have to be smarter than to come to that conclusion. Whether or not this guy is really guilty of lewd conduct remains in question, but the fact remains that he did plead guilty and yes I think the guy knew better than to plead guilty simply thinking it would all go away, but yet that's his story now. It seems that 'family values' has been taking a beating lately coming from the party that is holding them up like a lighted torch, trouble is, they're getting burned.
Idaho Senator Says He Did Nothing Wrong - New York Times
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  1. Beth says:

    I'm betting the good senator had to go home and change his boxers after being arrested. In these days of instant media, I find it incredible that a U.S. Senator didn't think he would get caught some day. In my day we called it arrogance. Good post, my friend.

  1. Floyd says:

    hey thanks for commenting Beth, yeah I add this one to the other hypocrites. This guy was in like flint with Romney and I guess they were just complementing each other on what great family values they have and then this Craig gets busted trying to have sex in the men's room. Romney pulled the endorsement add off his site, but it is still visible on a lot of others. Craig's take on all this is that it would just go away if he pleaded guilty to it, I know Craig is smarter than that, just using a cop out like Vitter done.

  1. really good post...and apparently tonight it sneaked out in a little tiny leak...the Bathroom Bust is not his only problem....tomorrow he resigns...

  1. Floyd says:

    I saw that coming whenever the family value Republican enjoys yet another scandal, his buddies throw him under the bus,,have to keep up that image to the voting christians back home.