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Posted: 8/17/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

You would have noticed the little picture in the address area at the top, you can join myfavatar and get your own little snippet of code you put into your template before the /head area. You can change your favicon at any time you want, but first you must join and it is 100% free of charge to do so and then you must set up your blog in other words you will enter your address of your blog and then you can 'get the code' to put in your template, this is a very simple thing to do and gives your blog a little icon that is yours alone, you can even use a photo of yourself if you want, you will find specifactions when you go to upload your photo, I have checked this in IE-7 and firefox and it shows up in both. If you google this you will find other posts referring to this system, but I hope I have explained it fairly clear,,enjoy and keep blogging.
Host your photo on photobucket or another place there are many and link to your favicon by using this method; Link in Reason

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  1. I agree with everything you said floyd, I guess that makes me too liberal as well.

  1. Sorry, I put the comment in the wrong post.

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    We just might be at that let's talk.