A country in chaos

Posted: 8/04/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A story out in the Jerusalem Post speaks what most Americans with the world wide web already know and that is this; The infrastructure of Iraq is in total disarray and the power grid is basically on the verge of collapse, due to insurgent sabotage, rise in demand, fuel shortages and some provinces are unplugging their power stations from the national grid. Apparently the power is just on a few hours a day and the water mains are drying up, this may be hard to grasp due to the fact that Iraq sits on top one of the worlds largest crude oil reserves. We have heard on the net many times of the horrendous conditions being endured in Iraq, it is these stories that constantly elude the media at large and it is stories like these that never make it to the main-stream media, it always gets buried. I know we read many stories to this effect and I realize just as most of you do that this is not recent this has been going on for years, and from time to time we can read the trickle out stories coming out of there, but even the few stories that seem to surface from time to time keep us in reality and not subject to the head wrangling DC machine and even more so it shows that the bloggers and us of the web have a somewhat better access to what is actually going on over there, just think,,what if all Americans could read what we do, do you think it would change perspective? Reading some of these stories make you feel sad at heart for the children and the suffering they endure daily in this torn country. Adding to all the chaos the Sunni bloc is withdrawing from the government with a statement that they feel rather meaningless within the government, much is 'trying' and I reiterate 'trying' to hold this together but the gap is wide and the difference's are many, with only a few stories coming out of the country we can gather it is total disarray, the infrastructure of the country has not improved and looks to be getting worse and as a double whammy what little government they have is on the verge of collapse.
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