Comedy in clothing

Posted: 8/16/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Taken from Oddee, a piece of clothing sold by a small American company, tells basically about the care of the product and then apologizes for us having a idiot president, this is one for the comedy pages.



  1. Beth says:

    I love it, and I blogged it, giving you credit. Thanks, Floyd.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Beth, you know I am always looking for these type of things on the web and I am glad you found it amusing, thanks for commenting and the link.

  1. I might have to totallly steal it and blog it and give you lots of credit and send readers here...hope you don't mind;-)

  1. Floyd says:

    Go ahead enigma my friend, steal anything you want. Glad to hear from you again I have not run my blogroll in awhile I have been busy doing this or that and when I saw your comment I was glad to know you are still at it and blogging,,thanks again.

  1. Sally says:

    HAHA! I think I must do as all of the commenters did...steal it, with credit of course!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Sally glad to hear from you again also, I am glad you liked it. When I saw this I said this has got to be a keeper, I mean some clothing company actually printed this on their clothes, it had comedy written all over it. This has probably been out over there in France a while but this is the first I have seen of it,,lol.