Cargo plane shot at after taking off from Baghdad

Posted: 8/31/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Apparently a plane carrying three senators and a House member had to take evasive measures to avoid being shot down by RPG's, apparently they had been over there to see what great progress we are now making. One of senators a Mel Martinez of Florida said he quickly put back on his body armor, well Mel, you are getting shot at with an RPG from the ground I don't think that will help you that much, but it is a good gesture.
Senator and House member's plane takes fire

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  1. and what did they "learn"....they STILL think that the Surge is "working"......honest to goodness...what is it going to take to convince these people that Things are Not Going Well there...

  1. Floyd says:

    That place is nothing short of a disaster zone, I think 90% of Americans know this by now.