British military asks U.S to leave Helmand Province

Posted: 8/08/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A senior British commander in Afghanistan's Helmand Province said he asked the U.S forces to withdraw from his area of operations, apparently because of the high level of civilian casualties. This statement has been denied by a spokesman for the U.S military, it denies the request whether formal or otherwise was ever made. Apparently civilian journalists are not in the area, so judging from this the area is pretty hot. From my reading of this article the U.S is calling in air strikes against the Taliban and the British are blaming 'us' for the civilian casualties resulting from those strikes, and in short, the British want to win the support of the locals and these strikes are not helping matters concerning this and after 18 months of heavy fighting British commanders say they are making headway securing key areas and now are in a difficult position of trying to win back the support of the people. In an article from CNN on July the 21st Pakistan demanded the Afghan government take steps to stop the Taliban fighters across the border that could threaten Pakistan, the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar which remained in control of the Afghan militia was gaining strength in the southern part of the country.
British military asks U.S. forces to leave Afghan province - International Herald Tribune
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    I do not know if it's that I am using IE7 or what, but I've come to your site and I did not see a post.

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  1. AS for the blog I see the posts just fine. As for the post, of couse the military would deny it. They can't ever admit when they make mistakes. It might cause them to lose face.

  1. Dumb Ox says:

    Might I add, that this is really interesting news! If people appreciated just how complicated, unpredictable, and dangerous it was to try to do what needs to be done in Afghanistan, well then maybe they'd also have more understanding for our efforts in Iraq. They are not light enterprises.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Static Brain,,it has been a while, I don't exactly know what happened but anyway it is being denied by a spokesman. This is information being picked up apparently through someone conversing with the British military commanders, this area is too hot for even reporters to go into and figure we are getting about half of the story, the Taliban are getting more brazen in Afghanistan due to being fueled mostly by the drug trade and earlier in the year when Americans wanted to fly over and drop chemicals to kill these massive fields or a portion of the them they were denied by the Afghan government to do that and the attacks are coming more frequent now in Afghanistan,,,,hello Ox my friend I was checking out your other blog earlier, looks to be shaping up great.