Adding a favicon, the easy way

Posted: 8/31/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

I have found a somewhat easier way to add a favicon to your blog and it seems to work pretty good and it's easy, sounds good to me. When I started toying with this at first I kept getting errors but added more code and it took it here is what I added to my template,,add this code right before the of your template; After adding this I kept getting error messages so under that I simply added; After that it saved the template, most already know this but I figured I would post it for those who may be curious, another item I found useful is the free download of ifranview, I found this program useful in resizing photos and changing the color of them this little gem does quite a lot for being a freebie. Remember in the above code to substitute the url of your image, in the Image URL spot. Update; download Ifranview form this link no questions asked; download Ifranview-4 free at this link


  1. interesting...and you have been decorating over here..I think I need to sit and read a bit;-)

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for dropping in enigma, it worked for me so I just posted it, I have been decorating a little and have had problems with my PC where I had to start from scratch,,what a nightmare, it wiped out most of my stuff.

  1. sarah84 says:

    thanks! it's useful to me

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Sarah84 glad you stopped by and commented and glad it is useful to you also,it worked good on this one you can see the little icon in the address area and on the tab if the tab opens. I always like to find something that is easy to get done, saving time is a most, I hope it works for you.