Adding a favicon, the easy way

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I have found a somewhat easier way to add a favicon to your blog and it seems to work pretty good and it's easy, sounds good to me. When I started toying with this at first I kept getting errors but added more code and it took it here is what I added to my template,,add this code right before the of your template; After adding this I kept getting error messages so under that I simply added; After that it saved the template, most already know this but I figured I would post it for those who may be curious, another item I found useful is the free download of ifranview, I found this program useful in resizing photos and changing the color of them this little gem does quite a lot for being a freebie. Remember in the above code to substitute the url of your image, in the Image URL spot. Update; download Ifranview form this link no questions asked; download Ifranview-4 free at this link

Cargo plane shot at after taking off from Baghdad

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Apparently a plane carrying three senators and a House member had to take evasive measures to avoid being shot down by RPG's, apparently they had been over there to see what great progress we are now making. One of senators a Mel Martinez of Florida said he quickly put back on his body armor, well Mel, you are getting shot at with an RPG from the ground I don't think that will help you that much, but it is a good gesture.
Senator and House member's plane takes fire

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Illegals busted in Ohio

Posted: 8/29/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

I see they busted 160 illegal aliens working in Fairfield and immigration officials have described Koch Foods Co. as being a blatant violator of our nation's laws, I am speaking of course about hiring all these illegals to work for them. More than 3,600 illegals have been busted nationwide about three times as many as in 2005 according to the article, apparently during the bust several employees went scrambling for the door. You know what really got my goat on this one? The spokesman Monte Lobb crying like a baby because apparently all who want to work at his company are illegals, my answer to you Mr.Lobb is cry me a river, you are telling me that you can't get legal Americans to work for your company? I don't buy it for a minute I bet they were lined up to the street to work in the place of all the illegals you had working which got busted. The immigration officials are trying to do their jobs we should be handing them out medals and pay raises for being so good at their work, there are two which are still in prison for trying to do their jobs, they never got a get out of jail card like Libby.
Illegals busted in Ohio
Libby walks
Border guards in prison for doing their job

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All it takes is tax money

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Lets look at a quick run-down put out in the Washington Post today of what this mess is costing us now,,first of all next month Bush is supposed to ask Congress for another $50 billion dollars, this is up and above the $460 billion in the 2008 defense budget and,,$147 billion in a supplemental bill to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That is about $657 billion dollars folks for defense and to fund these wars, this is about to the point where I think Congress should be voicing a much higher decibel to stop this mess. At this point I am disgusted with the Congress but I also know that the Republicans or most of them are upholding this escapade and are not open to any kind of timetable to end this thing, for many years I know we labeled the Dems as nothing more than 'tax and spend liberals' but are you ready? The Repugs have become like a hog under an acorn tree,,they never look up to see where the acorns come from,,uh, I might have lost you on that one but I don't want to beat up on all the Republicans I do respect the open-minded ones.
The Washington Post

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Idaho Senator another one did nothing wrong

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I blogged about all the self righteous stuff going on before with these Senators who get caught, well, here is another one to add to the list he got caught, admitted a plea and then recanted. Larry Craig from Idaho is the most recent one to admit wrong doing and then come out with some justification of it and recently this one was also helping old Mitt out with his campaign. He did apologize to Idahoans for the cloud he brought over the state and then claimed that if he plead guilty that maybe it would all go away, come on Senator we know you have to be smarter than to come to that conclusion. Whether or not this guy is really guilty of lewd conduct remains in question, but the fact remains that he did plead guilty and yes I think the guy knew better than to plead guilty simply thinking it would all go away, but yet that's his story now. It seems that 'family values' has been taking a beating lately coming from the party that is holding them up like a lighted torch, trouble is, they're getting burned.
Idaho Senator Says He Did Nothing Wrong - New York Times
Link Within Reason to another hypocrite
Craig endorses Romney's family values / Talking Points Memo

Thank you

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Your feedback is important to me, I would like to take the time to thank you for e-mailing me and sharing your thoughts.


Mike Huckabee on the Clintons

Posted: 8/19/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

"The second thing, and this'll really wrangle, again, some of my Republican colleagues. Bill Clinton and Hillary went through some horrible experiences in their marriage, because of some of the reckless behavior that he has admitted he had. I'm not defending him on that — it's indefensible. But they kept their marriage together. And a lot of the Republicans who have condemned them, and who talk about their platform of family values, interestingly didn't keep their own families together."
I knew this guy sounded the best during the previous debate (GOP) this guy is straight forward and as about as conservative as it gets, there is not one ounce of liberal in this candidate for president and if you know the issues Mike is relishing in then you know where I'm coming from. Incidentally Huckabee came in second in the Iowa straw poll right behind Mitt Romney and look at the differences in money raised Huckabee at $1.3 million and Romney at $44.4 million that is quite a difference to come in second and as you can see from my second link that Huckabee's Baptist roots come out quite a bit and his background as a minister of the Baptist faith, well that is quite conservative.
If you break down what he is saying pure and simple is that those who are most critical of the Clinton's have their own skeletons in the closets, but on abortion Huckabee is of course against it but back in 2001 he had a somewhat different view and accepted it as mandated law, also would restrict chapter-7, and on health care made this statement; Dems want government in charge; GOP want consumers in charge, now think about this can we as the consumer bargain with the medical industry? These are only 'some' of the issues where I differ so much from the conservative, well I don't want to get to critical you guys will say I'm to liberal,,,you wouldn't say that would you? lolquestion
Guess Who Just Loves The Clintons — Christian Rightist Mike Huckabee! | TPMCafe
Iowa Poll

Favicon for blogger

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You would have noticed the little picture in the address area at the top, you can join myfavatar and get your own little snippet of code you put into your template before the /head area. You can change your favicon at any time you want, but first you must join and it is 100% free of charge to do so and then you must set up your blog in other words you will enter your address of your blog and then you can 'get the code' to put in your template, this is a very simple thing to do and gives your blog a little icon that is yours alone, you can even use a photo of yourself if you want, you will find specifactions when you go to upload your photo, I have checked this in IE-7 and firefox and it shows up in both. If you google this you will find other posts referring to this system, but I hope I have explained it fairly clear,,enjoy and keep blogging.
Host your photo on photobucket or another place there are many and link to your favicon by using this method; Link in Reason

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Union to sue for jobs legal Americans don't want

Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

This is the story of the raid that took place back in December of last year, what happened was immigration officials raided these plants collecting illegals and deporting them, a spokesman for ICE, said the raids on the six plants were done legally and with civil search warrants. The authority given immigration officials were to question the legality of aliens. The raids snared about 1,300 workers for alleged fake identifications and immigration violations and of those arrested in the raids 649 of them were deported and 274 were criminally charged with identity theft and other immigration violations.
Now we can look at this any way we want, violation of rights vs the government doing it's job and should do more, the key word here is UNION and that is a very interesting and a good key word. When talking about illegals you always here the blah, blah news stating that the illegal immigrant is doing jobs that the average American 'will not' do and this is why I sometimes come down on the media so hard because,,it's bogus plain and simple, do you know what the average union meat-packer gets in this country? Well it is at the figure of close, very close, to $26,000 dollars a year. The union gets you paid holidays and most get you double time on Sundays in other words the 'average' person who works for these places is making close to $12.50 an hour without any overtime of course, the figure would then increase. Of course the figure is debatable but you get the picture, it would vary from what contract you are working under could be more could be less and in Union contracts the wages vary also and some words coming out on the web put this particular plant in the neighborhood of $18.00 an hour and union plants tend to have better health coverage also than others do,,,so, is this is jobs the average 'legal' citizen would not do? I am not buying it. After the raid took place it is also noted that the wages increased and it is also noted that the line to fill those jobs was backed out the door and these are jobs the the average legal American will not do,,imagine that.
Union charges rights violations
A brief discription

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Comedy in clothing

Posted: 8/16/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Taken from Oddee, a piece of clothing sold by a small American company, tells basically about the care of the product and then apologizes for us having a idiot president, this is one for the comedy pages.


Karl Rove has become a nobody

Posted: 8/15/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A man who Bush and his cronies held up as the election guru has basically become a nobody with the higher ups now or as I scan the many articles on the web that is the way it looks like it is shaping up to me. Take the article in the L.A Times as one White House official referred to Rove as having started "ice-cream Fridays", This was Bush's close friend and the juggernaut of the GOP machine and actually Rove was a legendary strategist and played a big role in getting Bush elected in the first place. Spokeswoman Dana Perino insisted that the whole thing has been a 'team' effort as they try and downplay Rove's job duties. Also in times article conservative Grover Norquist said that it would be unwise for White House officials to put to much importance on Rove's departure. First of all we all know what kind of role Rove played in politics and I don't claim to be a guru of politics and even I can see into that, so is this where they think Americans are dumb again?

Rove is still in the middle of the storm so to speak concerning the firings of U.S. attorneys which may have been politically motivated, Rove leaving his post will not excuse him from testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and it is alleged that the firings might have been orchestrated by Karl Rove. In two related firings it appears that cases were being brought which could have influenced state elections and one case pointed out by Leahy was a case in Missouri which was obviously designed to hurt Democratic candidates.
Rove was dubbed by some reporters "Bush's Brain" to which Karl took offense to and Bush himself called Rove the "boy genius" with Rove's help Bush elevated up to the governor of Texas and president within 10 years and Bush later re-elected again to the presidency for a second term, Rove's biographer Lou Dubose once said of Rove; "I think it's an enormous position of power, and it's hard to overstate. I think he's unique in the modern presidency." But then again in the early years Rove was king of the political spectrum and Bush rode the light all the way to the oval office. Rove was brought back into reality in last November's election when the GOP took a major hit, even though Rove played the tactics to the hilt, by saying "you're entitled to your math and I'm entitled to "the" math, things just did not materialize and the GOP went down like a train wreck. Judging from what I watched in Rove interviews he seemed to be a master of manipulation and using physiology to his advantage and even on election eve last year Rove continued to believe he had this one beat, which goes to prove,,you can fool some people some of time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
Los Angeles Times
Rutland Herald
Guardian Unlimited

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War Profiteering

Posted: 8/14/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

More than 160,000 troops are in Iraq since the administration has doubled it's use of private war companies, there are close to 200,000 private contractors in Iraq. I had saw this number before so I knew the big numbers were out there when you talk of the contractors involved in Iraq and I also knew by reading many article's out there that they were more or less making out like bandits on compensation. This is an extensive article by Alternet concerning the private profiteers in Iraq including Blackwater USA, DynCorp, Triple Canopy, Erinys and ArmorGroup. The extent of U.S spending on mercenaries is almost impossible to obtain according to the article, I have heard sketches that the drivers who drive water up to the outposts around Baghdad get in the neighborhood of over 100 grand tax free a year, so I knew from this that the top of the pyramid so to speak was pretty hefty. I see also that Alternet puts the pay for an American or British Special Forces veteran working for 'private' security anywhere from $650/$1,000 a day, which is many times that of our troops risking their lives daily. Gen David Petraeus who is supposed to give an assessment on the troop surge in September said earlier this year that he himself had been guarded by contract security and according to the article at least three other commanding generals are currently being guarded by these contract security. When we just look at the monies alone all of us should know that money adds up and what I keep saying time and again, someone will have to pay for all this mess and that burden will fall upon the American taxpayer, money does not grow on trees, you hear of all this spend, spend and more spend but you never hear the whole story and that is what all this is going to cost us? I know all you citizens out there reading this blog and even some of you who stumble on it are wondering the same thing and you know as well as I that this is never mentioned on the news media outlet, in years to come even if we left Iraq now we could go into the 10 trillion mark,,yes that is trillion and yet it seems every time you read an article it's a billion here and a billion there, this has to be one of the biggest spending administrations in recent history. One of the names mentioned above, Triple Canopy was founded in September 2003 and by 2005 they had accumulated over $90 million in government contracts, that was two years ago and it don't take long to see just why the profiteers don't exactly want Iraq to end, these companies have made billions off this war. Look at Halliburton who in July of '05 announced a 284 percent increase in operating profits during the second quarter of that year and it seems that even in questioned expenses the the Congress still rewarded KBR.
Alternet article
Dyncorp & Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal
Halliburton Watch

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British military asks U.S to leave Helmand Province

Posted: 8/08/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A senior British commander in Afghanistan's Helmand Province said he asked the U.S forces to withdraw from his area of operations, apparently because of the high level of civilian casualties. This statement has been denied by a spokesman for the U.S military, it denies the request whether formal or otherwise was ever made. Apparently civilian journalists are not in the area, so judging from this the area is pretty hot. From my reading of this article the U.S is calling in air strikes against the Taliban and the British are blaming 'us' for the civilian casualties resulting from those strikes, and in short, the British want to win the support of the locals and these strikes are not helping matters concerning this and after 18 months of heavy fighting British commanders say they are making headway securing key areas and now are in a difficult position of trying to win back the support of the people. In an article from CNN on July the 21st Pakistan demanded the Afghan government take steps to stop the Taliban fighters across the border that could threaten Pakistan, the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar which remained in control of the Afghan militia was gaining strength in the southern part of the country.
British military asks U.S. forces to leave Afghan province - International Herald Tribune
Read More;
Taliban gaining power
Another Record Poppy Crop in Afghanistan - Netscape News

Posted: by Floyd in Labels: ,

Passage of H.R.976 As amended, what is this? Specifically, it is this; The Senate agreed to amend title XXl of the Social Security Act to reauthorize the State Children's Health Insurance Program. (Unfortunately McConnell & Bunning did not get on board) It is good for you Kentuckians out there to know these things. It is good to know how your representatives in Washington are voting and make a decision on whether they are representing your views, most votes taking place are not ever mentioned by the main-stream media, but really every vote should be known and citizens should make it a priority to be informed.
Related; Children's Health

Hmm,,Beats Me?

Posted: 8/06/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

This just gets better and better, now we are probably being shot at by our own guns. That is a lot of AK's floating around and a lot of pistols also, read this, it is suggested that Gates define accountability procedures, can you believe this? 4 years in this thing now they think of doing this, good lord would not you have thought of this years ago? This is a good post to try out my emoticon script for blogger,,,
U.S. Military Lose 190,000 Military Rifles And Pistols - EON
NPR : 190,000 U.S.-Funded Weapons Missing in Iraqrolleyes

A country in chaos

Posted: 8/04/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

A story out in the Jerusalem Post speaks what most Americans with the world wide web already know and that is this; The infrastructure of Iraq is in total disarray and the power grid is basically on the verge of collapse, due to insurgent sabotage, rise in demand, fuel shortages and some provinces are unplugging their power stations from the national grid. Apparently the power is just on a few hours a day and the water mains are drying up, this may be hard to grasp due to the fact that Iraq sits on top one of the worlds largest crude oil reserves. We have heard on the net many times of the horrendous conditions being endured in Iraq, it is these stories that constantly elude the media at large and it is stories like these that never make it to the main-stream media, it always gets buried. I know we read many stories to this effect and I realize just as most of you do that this is not recent this has been going on for years, and from time to time we can read the trickle out stories coming out of there, but even the few stories that seem to surface from time to time keep us in reality and not subject to the head wrangling DC machine and even more so it shows that the bloggers and us of the web have a somewhat better access to what is actually going on over there, just think,,what if all Americans could read what we do, do you think it would change perspective? Reading some of these stories make you feel sad at heart for the children and the suffering they endure daily in this torn country. Adding to all the chaos the Sunni bloc is withdrawing from the government with a statement that they feel rather meaningless within the government, much is 'trying' and I reiterate 'trying' to hold this together but the gap is wide and the difference's are many, with only a few stories coming out of the country we can gather it is total disarray, the infrastructure of the country has not improved and looks to be getting worse and as a double whammy what little government they have is on the verge of collapse.
Iraq's national power grid on brink of collapse | Jerusalem Post
Link inside Within Reason
Related; Sunni Arab bloc pulls out of Iraq government
60 decomposed bodies found north of Baghdad

Voting machines in the news again

Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

The secretary of the state of California has issued tough new security measures since it came out earlier of the many flaws seen in the machines and their ease of being hacked, the state will still allow Diebold and Sequoia voting machines but more stricter conditions will have to be met, like reinstalling the software and firmware and reset the encryption keys. This is a step in the right direction but the flaws that these machines exhibit should be troubling to every voter out there, the system needs replaced by better technology. We have to have access to better technology on these voting machines to feel safe about the vote we cast, you can't end up putting a band-aid on the problem hoping it will go away. It has been proved time and again the problems that are existing with these voting machines and until the American people make enough noise it will be business as usual.
The reason this is all taking place is due to the tests performed on the machines from a non-biased study panel. A group sanctioned by the state of California have just 'hacked' their way through just about every voting machine certified by the state of California. This should put our minds more at ease during this election cycle, remember these are the machines that we have known for a long time have many vulnerabilities and yet after the election is over we forget all about these problems until it is election time again. You will find in this blog some good reading on the voting aspect of America and how easily this can take place and really we don't know if it hasn't already.
California white hat hackers: 3, Diebold and friends: 0 - Engadget
PC World - California Restricts E-Voting