Veterans have to file suit for claims

Posted: 7/23/2007 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

We saw this one coming and knew there is more to supporting our troops in Iraq than actually trying to support them and a group of frustrated Iraqi veterans is taking their claim against Department of Veterans Affairs secretary Jim Nicholson of breaking the law by denying them disability pay and mental health treatment. Nicholson and other officials according to the report, insisted on a budget in 2005 that fell short by $1 billion and in return awarded senior officials $3.8 million in bonuses. Some of these in Washington that always tout how we support our troops should be reading this carefully, how far does the backlog go on processing claims? Well according to this article between 400,000 / 600,000 and at a 177 days to process the initial claim and a whooping 657 days to process an appeal. After all the talk has died down folks this is what we are left with, so remember when you hear 'em talking about this 'support' in rather dry words remember what you have read here. The bottom line is we can not even hire enough competent people to process our injured vets, let alone figure out what to do in Iraq, it seems to me we are to busy hiring people to try and 'disclaim' our veterans instead of giving them the decency they deserve for risking their lives for our country, its like we just push them aside while we wait for some demagoguery assessment to occur in September, it is easy my friends to sit up in Washington and 'say' we support the troops and then send them into action and push 'em by the wayside when they come back home, this gives us one small insight of how the system works and makes one wonder how many more horror stories are out there? Like I have said many times in the past our grand kids will not be able to pay out of this mess and even worse our military is paying for it now, paying in Iraq and the paying to the bureaucrats when they return home, wonder how the media will spin this one?
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  1. Carol says:

    The Media won't 'spin' this one they will simply let it die just as they have most of the stories that reflect negatively on this War and it's consequences. Nice work here Floyd :)

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey thanks for dropping by Carol, you are right in saying this, more than likely they will sweep it under the rug I have been listening and have not heard it named yet. Really the Internet has an advantage over the public at large, we have the advantage of reading many different media outlets and are not comfortable of just hearing what the main-stream is putting out there, they seem more worried about Bush's poll ratings than what is going on in Iraq. There is so much money involved in this war, the contractors are getting rich over there it is a money pit, but, ultimately we are the ones who will pay for this mess down the road.