Top 10 Power Plant Polluters In The U.S

Posted: 7/27/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Nevada's Reid Gardner coal-fired plant has the highest emission rate of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide than any other power plant in the U.S, but when it comes to total tonnage of carbon dioxide emitted Georgia's Scherer plant tops the list. States that made the list are Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, North-Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia along with Wyoming, Florida, Kentucky and New Mexico. What perked my eyes up was to read what Ilan Levin said about the electric power industry and when the original Clean Air Act was passed in 1970 and the electric utility industry persuaded Congress not to impose strict controls on 'old' power plants, their argument was these should be 'grandfathered' and that in the near future they would be replaced with more efficient ones, uh, that was 37 years ago. So what also this article is saying to us is that the power industry is not going to do anything it is not made to do, in other words they basically are not going to build anything more efficient than they have right now and me and you pay for that due to the perils of pollution, by breathing needlessly dirty air.
Related; Bloomberg-->According to a study global warming is causing more frequent hurricanes in the North Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, the study found that an 80% chance was found that global warming was the culprit. Our glorious leader rejects limits of emissions on green house gases his main claim being they would hurt the economy, talk about being worried about the economy and flush billions of dollars down the Iraq money pit.

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  1. Alwizbme says:

    The same situation almost every part of the world, political agenda supersede everything else..

  1. Floyd says:

    Absolutely my friend, environment is put on the back burner they won't deal with it basically until catastrophe strikes.